How The Best Marketer Was Elected President and What It Means for Your Business

Donald Trump is a marketing genius. Donald Trump understood his buyer personas better than the Clinton campaign. Donald Trump created a strong, memorable message from the moment he announced his candidacy a year and a half ago. “Make America Great Again” (#MAGA) captured his promise to buyer personas. People all over the country knew the slogan. Quick question: What was Hillary Clinton’s message? Most people don’t remember “Stronger Together” and if they do, I’m not sure they think it’s powerful. There are many lessons here for growth companies.

HR Managers

What I Told 1,800 HR Managers

HR managers have tough jobs to find, recruit and retain great people. And if that wasn’t enough, they are working in a climate where issues of overtime, healthcare coverage, parental leave, and more are topics at the national forefront. It’s not just important to fill a job. It’s important to build a team, foster a good culture, deliver careers with meaning, support work-life balance and do it in ways that are beneficial to everyone. That’s no small task.

your customers

[VIDEO] Do you REALLY know your customers?

Adele Revella, CEO of Buyer Persona Institute, has years of experience as a sales executive, trainer and entrepreneur. In this his video of the persona of different buyers, Adele breaks down how important it is to understand your buyers not through formulaic surveys and data collection, but through genuine conversation.


7 Barriers Hindering Your Intrapreneurial Intensity

For years companies have accepted these barriers as reasons large companies cannot innovate. We talk of “innovation antibodies,” and site hierarchy and procedure and rigidity as intractable realities. But new approaches are emerging. Forward-looking companies are finding clever ways around these barriers. You can too. And if you do, you will step into a future of a purpose-driven, agile, innovative organization that activates the intrapreneurial spirit to solve problems that matter.


[VIDEO] Are you pushing customers or inviting them?

One of the key differences is in what a brand chooses to appeal to. Are you pushing customers or inviting them? Some brands appeal to their customers' materialistic ego. But others, the more successful ones, appeal to customers' pathos. As she says, "Seducing people through emotion is far more powerful than pushing product on them."