Video of the Week #144 – The Importance of Authentic Communication

“How do you get to the truth, how do you make great decisions when no one’s saying the truth? How do you communicate authentically? How do you figure out what to say and what not to say in a way that’s authentic?” Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook.  When you’re a child, or have your own […]


Video of the Week #143 – Essentialism – The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

“What is it that holds capable, driven people from breaking through to the next level? And the answer to that question, to my great surprise, is… success. ” – Greg McKeown, bestselling author of Essentialism. Are you striving for success? Is that a characteristic of your end goal? In the above quote by Greg McKeown, […]


Video of the Week #142 – Marketing In The Year That we Actually Live In

“This is classic offense versus defense. Most of you are on defense, I am ALWAYS on the offense.” – Gary Vaynerchuk, best-selling author and entrepreneur When did you get on board with Google Ad Words? Facebook ads? Snapchat? Instagram? According to Gary Vaynerchuk, 99% of us hopped on the bandwagon way too late. This Video […]

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Video of the Week #141 – How to Sell a Product

“The reality is, you want to sell people not on the features of the product, you want to actually tell people and explain to people the person that they will become if they will have your product.” – Alex Ikonn In this Video of the Week, entrepreneur Alex Ikonn goes back to some of the […]

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Video of the Week #140 – Using Data & Analytics to Make Faster, Better Decisions

“To think as expansively as technology makes possible, we need to bring together our most powerful assets: the art of instinct and experience with the science of data and analytics. ” – PwC As an executive, you make daily decisions that affect the big picture of your company and essentially affect whether or not your […]


Video of the Week #139 – Elon Musk’s Top 10 Rules for Success

“But you say you didn’t expect the company to be successful, then why try?” – Interviewer. “If something’s important enough, then you should try even if the probable outcome is failure.” – Elon Musk “He’s worth over $11 billion. He has created game-changing businesses like PayPal, Tesla Motors, and SpaceX. He’s the closest thing we have […]


Video of the Week #138 – Arianna Huffington on Brain Maintenance

“We believe profoundly in the importance of unplugging and recharging. And we also believe that we pay people for their judgement and their creativity, not for their stamina.” – Arianna Huffington, Editor-in-Chief and Founder of the Huffington Post Since her sudden collapse in 2007, Arianna Huffington has made great changes in her lifestyle to ensure she […]

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Video of the Week #137 – How to Build Habit-Forming Products

“About 40% of what we do, day in and day out, whether we like it or not, is done purely out of habit.” – Nir Eyal, best-selling author of Hooked.  An author we’ve featured before, Nir Eyal, has become the #1 expert in habit-forming products through his research and experience for his best-selling book, Hooked. In […]


Video of the Week #136 – How to Be Successful in Life by Jack Ma

“Before 30 years old, it’s not which company you go, it’s which boss you follow. It’s very important. A good boss teaches you differently.” – ,Jack Ma,  founder Alibaba Group Jack Ma, the famous Chinese businessman, broke records with his $25 billion initial public offering of his e-commerce company Alibaba Group on the New York […]

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Video of the Week #135 – Predictable Revenue: 3 Requirements To Triple Sales

“You want business people who can sell, rather than salespeople. Everyone is tired of being sold stuff. They’re sick of being sold to. But what they do want, is to talk to people who can help them.” – Aaron Ross, Predictable Revenue How is your sales team divided up? Are they specialized? Are they trained […]

Video of the Week #134 – Erik Qualman: Your Digital Stamp

Video of the Week #134 – Erik Qualman: Your Digital Stamp

“What do you want your digital stamp to be? What do you want people to find on Google this afternoon, tomorrow, 5 years, 50 years, 500 years from now. What’s the mark on this world that you want to leave starting today?” – Erik Qualman In this Video of the Week, Erik Qualman, one of Gazelles’ […]

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Video of the Week #133 – How to Sell High-Priced Programs

“So if I can show you the path to make $100(thousand), is $10,000 worth it for you?” – Jason Campbell, Mindvalley Insights Do you offer a program, event, or product worth over $1,000 and want to be able to sell it online more effectively? This Video of the Week explains exactly how to do it. […]

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