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Learn How to Newsjack in 3 Simple Steps

Newsjack in 3 Simple Steps

Want to get noticed in the media? Then pay attention. Not just to this post but to whats going on in your industry and in the news. There is a simple 3 step process to find a story that is about to be huge and get caught in the media mix surrounding it. David Meerman Scott, founder of Newsjacking is a faculty member of the Growth Institute and put together this great pdf. to help you understand how you can use Newsjacking to generate many thousands of sales leads or to add new customers. For free!   If you want to ...

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The Return on Investment, Simple Numbers Style

Return on Investment

Many entrepreneurs have behaviors that stand in the way of performance greatness. My passion is presenting them data in a “Simple Numbers” way, empowering them to make more savvy decisions. Recently, I’ve been telling this story to drive the point home: Bob has $100,000 that he’s looking to invest. He runs into Jim at a party, and they get to talking about investment opportunities. Jim says, “What if I offered you 50% interest on a 1 year CD?” Bob at first wonders if this is too good to be true, but Jim has never steered him wrong before, so he ...

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[Video] The 4 Essential Qualities of a Healthy Team

healthy teams

“Two households, both alike in dignity, In fair Verona, where we lay our scene.” Shakespeare aside, I want you to imagine two companies, exactly alike and held in high esteem. They’re both highly successful, highly admired, and the pinnacle of what every other company aspires to be. But one day (reverting back to literary mode), an economic disaster plunges both companies into a downward spiral. After months of struggling to recover, only one company makes it out of the hole, while the other is forced to close shop. What made the difference? While this story is hypothetical, it is not unique. ...

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How Two Entrepreneurs Stared Down Failure and Reinvented Their Business

Reinvented Their Business

Entrepreneurs are driven creatures. They are control freaks. They not only want control, they think that they can get control. The way to get control is by working hard and smart and executing well. By hiring good people and managing them astutely. By devising clever incentive programs and monitoring them closely. When things don’t work out and the universe lobs curve balls, the solution is to try harder. Failure is a motivator. Being stubborn and refusing to give up is lauded. This is what enables entrepreneurs to eventually succeed-so goes conventional wisdom. But this wreaks havoc on the inner landscape ...

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