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Video of the Week #101 – Jack Ma’s 10 Rules for Success

“We grew from 18 people to 20 thousand young people and we focus a lot on the value, the mission, and the culture. Making sure everybody is working for helping others instead of making money.” This week’s Video of the Week is about Jack Ma. Jack started his business with $20,000 that his wife and […]

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Video of the Week #99 – How to Create Leadership at Every Level

“One of the things you can change is the way people just talk to each other. I call it going from taking control and attracting followers, to giving control. Physically it’s really easy… but emotionally, it was the hardest thing. I was conditioned as a leader to stand tall and give orders.”  This week’s VOW […]

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Video of the Week #98 – How to Spot a Winning Tech Idea.

“We’re really looking for things that are good ideas but look like bad ideas. If it looks like a good idea, it’s probably not innovative and probably not a breakthrough.” In this week’s video, venture capitalist Ben Horowitz talks about the difference between backing a company vs. starting and running your own company, and how […]

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Video of the Week #97 – Southwest Airlines: From Good to Great.

“Our people are our first and most important customer, our passengers are our second, and our shareholders are our third. And that’s a bit odd for a Fortune 500 company.” This week’s Video of the Week is by the famous Jim Collins, author of “Good to Great”. It’s Part 2 of 7, where he goes […]

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Video of the Week #96 – Whine Less, Do More. Get Ahead When Life’s not Fair.

“Whine Less, Do More. Get Ahead When Life’s not Fair.” This week’s video is from on of our authors, Marshall Goldsmith. He goes over the negatives impacts on the future of someone who is constantly whining and complaining. As Marshall says, “Their managers view them as annoying, and their direct reports and co-workers view them […]

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Video of the Week #95 – Play a Game to Come Up with New Ideas

“Now, I throw out the data. It’s my dream to create new toys. And now, instead of data, I’m using a game called Shiritori to come up with new ideas.” Shimpei Takahashi always dreamed of designing toys. But when he started work as a toy developer, he found that the pressure to use data as […]

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Video of the Week #94 – Jeff Bezos talks Amazon and Zappos

This week’s video is of Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon. In this intimate video, Jeff goes over “Everything He Knows, a complete list.” He only mentions 4 main topics of knowledge, but says these are the topics that took Amazon from a house-run organization to the worldwide success it is today. Everything Jeff […]

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Video of the Week #93 – The Rules for Success by Steve Jobs

“You need a lot of passion for what you’re doing because it’s so hard. Without passion, any rational person would give up… (Therefore) If you don’t love it, you’re going to fail.” What are Steve Jobs main rules for success? In this week´s video, he explains the essential importance of absolutely loving what you´re doing. […]

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Video of the Week #92 – How Successful Startups Hire

“The hallmark of the best startups is mission-driven employees.” How do you successfully staff a startup? This week´s video by Minute MBA takes a look into some key points that some startups have used to succeed and complete such a huge task. Some of these tips include: Tap the friend base Give employees and fans […]

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Video of the Week #91 – Getting Strategy Execution Right

“When you learn that over 70% of corporate strategic initiatives are never successfully implemented, it´s reasonable to ask whether it makes any sense to strategize at all? If we´re so consistently bad at it, why bother?” Michael Jarrett, an Organizational Behaviour professor at INSEAD, goes over the basic steps that allow strategy to not be […]

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Video of the Week #90 – CrazyBusy: Curtail, Delegate, Eliminate

“Cut back on things you can cut back on, Delegate jobs others can do, Eliminate people or projects that are avoidable.” Being Crazy Busy is something almost all of us struggle with on a daily basis. And although there´s many different techniques and “secrets” out there that are supposed to help us live a simpler […]

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