VOW 74

Video of the Week #74 – 10 Questions for Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahnema

“We are bias to dislike some people and bias to like some people.” Do you know if you´re a person who usually thinks fast or thinks slow? Are you aware of your bias opinions and judgements? In this week´s video, Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahnema answers 10 questions about his newest book and his theories and […]


Video of the Week #73 – Why Organizations Resist Change

In this week’s video, the intelligent Lisa Bodell talks about the reasons why companies and individuals resist change. To overcome this tendency, she says, we must change our mindset, reconsider our assumptions, deploy a top-down strategy, and have an on-demand toolkit at our disposal.

VOW 72

Video of the Week #72 – How to Network and Create Your Own Luck.

“The networking effect of the American Dream isn’t exactly spelled out for you.”  We´re told again and again that networking is essential for anyone wanting to grow his or her career, no matter the industry. This week´s video gives examples and tips explaining why and how to get going. Bertrand Sosa, an entrepreneur and investor […]

VOW 71

Video of the Week #71 – How to Create Buzz on No Budget.

“Having very little money in our budget… we looked for other, more creative ways to spread our brand.” – Ray Madronio A lot of us are struggling with getting our name out there but can´t afford to buy traffic as some of the bigger companies can. In this video, Local Bigwig’s Ray Madronio turned to […]

VOW 70

Video of the Week #70 – How To Attract the Clients You Want.

In startups, we all have come across the problem of not finding our ideal customer. Someone who sees the value in our product or service and then is willing to pay our rates for it. In this Q&A session by Entrepreneur, Marie Forleo answers this question with 3 ways that you can attract those types of customers […]

Image 69

Video of the Week #69 – How to Train Your Brain to Finish What You Start.

I´m bringing back Marie Forleo again. This week she discusses how to create follow-through habits for serial quitters. As passionate entrepreneurs, we always have lots of crazy, huge ideas that we think are going to be the real deal for scaling up our organizations. That is, until the next crazy, huge idea comes along and […]

Image 68

Video of the Week #68 – Increase Productivity Using a Kitchen Timer.

As busy entrepreneurs, we´re always looking for ways to increase productivity while decreasing time spent working. This Pomodoro technique can be the painless answer for all of us. By using a simple kitchen timer, it helps assign specific, realistic times to tasks and projects without allowing ourselves to go over the estimated time limits. It´s an […]

image 67

Video of the Week #67 – Experience the Power of a BookBook.

“Once in a while, something comes along that changes the way we live, a device so simple and intuitive, using it feels almost familiar.” This is one of the many witty, sarcastic lines said by IKEA’s “chief design guru” Jorgen Eghammer, mimicking Apple’s star product designer, Jonathan Ive. “Introducing the 2015 Ikea catalogue. It’s not […]

Image 66

Video of the Week #66 – The Secret to Handling Rejection.

As entrepreneurs, we have all experienced rejection and have taken hard hits at some point in our careers. For many of us, it´s been multiple rejections and many hard hits that have knocked us down. Barbara Corcoran talks about the difference between successful entrepreneurs and those who work really hard but don´t seem to find […]

Image 65

Video of the Week #65 – This One Habit Can Help Make You Smarter.

We´re all always trying to improve and we hear so many different “easy” ways to do this but which is the ultimate, top, guaranteed successful, way to improve and grow our businesses? I´m not sure if anyone can answer that question but in this video James Clear gives a good tip that can be applied […]

image 64

Video of the Week #64 – Planning a MOOC? Keep This in Mind.

What´s a MOOC? A Massive Open Online Course. Whether you´ve already done MOOCs, or are doing your first MOOC, Michael Goldberg gives some good insight on the top things to think about before even starting your class. Here´s a few of his tips: –       Think about your customer (the students). –        What kind of activity […]

Image 63

Video of the Week #63 – A Look at Tomorrow´s Tomorrow.

Brian David Johnson is a “futurist” at Intel. In this video, he gives us some good insights on where the future is going, and if we should be afraid of it. Sometimes there are negative perspectives on where this technological world is going to take us and I think that is a very real worry […]

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