Video of the Week #62 – How To Name Your Business!

As this video says, “The right name can make your company the talk of the town. The wrong one can doom it to obscurity and failure.” Should you choose an abstract name or a name the clearly describes what your company will be doing? When choosing a name, we all want to make sure we have one that will build a strong company identity.


Video of the Week #61 – Mark Cuban’s 12 Rules for Startups

Whether you´re a startup company like us at GGI or you´re still in the stage of having an idea for a startup, these tips are for you. Mark Cuban gives us 12 clear, direct rules for startups that help. Some of the main ones that really hit the spot for me were: 3) Hire people who […]


Video of the Week #59 – Quick Tip for the Perfect Sales Pitch

Struggling when writing a sales message, blog post, content piece, webinar, or any type of copy?! First, ask yourself this vital question: What Ultimate Action Do You Want Your Ideal Audience To Take?? Start there. As Dustin Matthews explains in this video, starting at the end of the process lets us narrow in on our key goal while we´re most creative and our minds are freshest.


Video of the Week #58 – Making a Stop-Doing List

Most meetings include exercises for generating ideas, brainstorming, and encouragement to come up with anything new that we think will benefit our companies. The idea behind this video (which is a clip from one of our on-demand seminars) is that sometimes a much more productive exercise can be to make a stop-doing list. This includes […]


Video of the Week #57 – The Military Case for Sharing Knowledge

The video for this week is one about sharing company knowledge with those within your organization who can do something beneficial with that information. The example in the video is a military example but gives us some good insight as business people in how we can share information to those who can use it effectively. There´s […]


Video of the Week #56 – Warren Buffett´s Women CEOs

There´s constant discussion going on about the number of females in senior positions within companies and this discussion is going to continue for a lot longer. In this week´s blog video, Bloomberg’s Betty Liu introduces us to the three female CEOs at Berkshire Hathaway companies. The women discuss the bond they share, the common obstacles […]



To keep with this month´s theme of company culture, I´ve researched some of the characteristics of the companies with the most well known successful workplace cultures. There are many different trends becoming popular to improve workplace culture but to narrow it down, here´s the 5 Most Common and Most Successful Characteristics.


Video of the Week #55 – Lost in Translation: The Problem with Email

Adam Bryant discusses how email, more often than not, leads to messages getting lost in translation. Here at the Growth Institute, we´re trying really hard to clean up our email etiquette. One method we´ve used recently is to save any small, non-urgent questions between our different offices for our daily huddle meetings. Since we have […]


Video of the Week #54 – Flip Your Gap, Double Your Happiness

Are you a determined, forward thinking entrepreneur or business leader? Always looking to the future at your end goal and how happy you will be once you get there? In this 4-minute video, Mindvalley CEO, Vishen Lakhiani, shares an important lesson from entrepreneurship coach Dan Sullivan, which has helped him to keep Mindvalley in flow. […]


Video of the Week #53 – How to Persuade Others with Jedi Mind Tricks

Trying to persuade others is not always a fun task. There´s many different approaches that have been tried again and again, with little or no success. In this week´s video, sales guru and persuasion expert Daniel H. Pink explains how you can use motivational interviewing to influence others’ thoughts and behaviors. He talks about how this […]


Video of the Week #52 – May the Best Idea Win!

Steve Jobs talks about how Apple is “the biggest startup in the world.” They have ZERO committees. They assign tasks to individual employees just as startups do. Steve Jobs used to spend his days just meeting with different people to work on ideas and solve problems for new products and programs. Watch this video to […]