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Video of the Week #87 – Warren Buffett: How Should a CEO Be Compensated?

“How do I treat these people fairly, keep them motivated, keep them in sync with my objectives, etc?” Berkshire Hathaway has about 70 CEOs that Warren Buffett himself has to manage. How does he keep them motivated and in sync with his interests? He mentions various tips for compensating employees in this position including what […]

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Video of the Week #85 – Are You Moving Rocks or Pushing Sand?

“Sand is all those things that happen in your business that generate cash flow and profitability. ” This week´s video is from another one of our own, Michael Synk, an expert business coach from the Memphis area. This video explains the revolutionary concept of “Rocks and Sand” within an organization. The whole video is worth […]

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Video of the Week #84 – Sheryl Sandberg´s Tips for Career Growth

“Go for Growth. Growth moves everyone up.” – Eric Schmidt Someone I look up to immensely in business is Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg. She´s always been very open about how strongly she feels that women need to take more risks, have more ambition, and push the boundaries more to continue to close the achievement gap […]

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Video of the Week #83 – A Stunningly Unused Sales Technique

“Research shows that if you ask a really good sales question that requires your prospect to think, it takes them 8-10 seconds to respond.” Does silence make you feel awkward and like you should quickly think of something to say to fill it? Does this feeling grow 10x when this silence arises in the middle […]

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Video of the Week #82 – Sales Leadership Coaching Rhythms

“I have always said that everyone is in sales. Maybe you don’t hold the title of salesperson, but if the business you are in requires you to deal with people, you, my friend, are in sales.” – Zig Ziglar This week´s video is by one of our own, Mike Carroll, a sales genius from Intelligent […]

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Video of the Week #81 – The Science of Productivity

“In a world that seems busier by the day, productivity is on the minds of many.” In this day and age, productivity is a constant challenge for each of us; both in our work lives and personal lives. This week´s video goes over the science behind productivity, so we can stop feeling guilty when our […]

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Video of the Week #80 – How To Prioritize: One Tip That Does It All

“You must know the difference between what is urgent and what is important, and you must do what´s important first.” We´ve all been guilty of prioritizing our to-do lists tasks in the order of 1) what´s urgent, and 2) everything else. By using this prioritizing system, we will always be held back from going forward […]

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Video of the Week #79 – How to Fund a Startup

“The key to wooing venture capitalists, is to ask for money at the right time in a VC´s life cycle.” Every startup has many immediate challenges including one of the most important, how to get started with funding. This week´s Video of the Week gives a quick, to the point breakdown of the general five […]

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Video of the Week #78 – The Future of Advertising

“The Golden Age of advertising is far from over. In fact, it´s just getting started.” As this week´s video of the week states, “Worldwide advertising generates roughly $475 billion every year, and the average urbanite sees 5,000 ads every day — from Internet banners and TV commercials to highway billboards and leaflets left on car […]

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Video of the Week #77 – Why Conversation is the Key to Your Success

“What is at the core of everything you do? The core of every relationship you have? Conversation.” Are you and those around you openly discussing the most important issues…right now? Or is lack of communication putting your goals at risk? As a leader—of projects, programs or people—your central function is to ensure conversations drive results, […]

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Video of the Week #76 – Like It or Not, You´re Probably a Salesperson

“The Death of a Salesman might be a great play, but it’s far from the truth about what’s happening in the workforce today.” The “salesperson” position may be less popular today than in the past but in this week´s video author Dan Pink explains that it doesn’t mean we’ve stopped doing it. We’re all salespeople, […]

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