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Fix the environment, not the people – 4 levers for affecting the culture.


We know that environment has a large impact on people’s behavior, yet as leaders, we are often too quick to blame a behavior on the person rather than the culture we’ve created. This is easier, because while they are responsible for their behavior, we are responsible for the culture. Parents instinctively know this. One day their child plays with the “right” group of people and behaves decently. The next day, their child plays with the “wrong” group of people, and doesn’t play nice. Parents react by trying to keep their children playing with the right kids because they understand that ...

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The “Friendly Universe” And What That Means For Your Business

friendly universe

When everything goes wrong, here’s how to regain control. Economic upheaval is coming. It may not be a tsunami but the waters will become very choppy. The initial waves have already reached shore. Venture capitalists have stopped throwing money at start-ups. Unicorns and narwhals are losing their horns and tusks. Later stage financing is becoming difficult to find and company valuations are sharply lower than in earlier stages. Many tech start-ups will fail and established tech and non-tech companies will also falter. Quite possibly you are already feeling entrepreneurial terror. You are not alone. You will try your level best ...

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[Video] The Powerful Factor That Sparks Motivation in Employees

sparks motivation

Why is it that some companies seem to have droves of workers, all willing and engaging enthusiastically in day-to-day work? Yet other companies have droves of workers, but people amble through their day, listlessly completing work as if they were chores. Motivation is almost a mystical quality. You can’t demand that people be motivated, you can’t create motivation or train people into motivation. It has to come from within the individual. But what sparks motivation? In this compelling video developed based on Daniel Pink’s talk at an RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) event, we ...

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The Real Definition of an ‘A Player’

a player

For four decades Topgrading, Inc. has applied and taught managers how to achieve 80%+ hiring success, with success defined as A Player.  We have refined the definition of A Player, and hope this blog helps you focus on just hiring A Players. In my early books on Topgrading, the ones that highlighted GE as Topgrading helped it become the most valuable (market cap) company in the world, here was the definition: What Is An A Player? Someone in the top 10% of talent available for any job, at a given salary level.  This was a very practical definition for companies ...

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The Value Of Paying It 4word

Paying It 4word

  You’ve heard the saying about paying it forward, right? Well, I happen to know a non-profit group of highly successful women who are doing this in a big way. In fact, the name of the organization is 4word (, and I had the wonderful honor of being the keynote speaker at the group’s recent gala celebration in Dallas. Diane Paddison, founder and CEO of 4word, asked me to speak about my very favorite thing – living and leading with values. But I was the fortunate one who walked away with so many examples of outstanding women doing that very ...

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