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6 Communication Strategies To Match Your Strengths


There’s a lot of advice out there about how to communicate effectively. But there’s a problem. Those communication strategies might not match your particular strengths. Two definitions might be helpful here. A strength is something that you enjoy doing and that you do well. Working with your strengths gives you energy and confidence. A weakness is something that you don’t enjoy and that you don’t do very well. Working with your weaknesses drains your energy and reduces your confidence. Using communication strategies that match your strengths makes you feel comfortable, confident, and secure. This will make it easier and more ...

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How Finding Knowledge Gaps Will Make Your Company Smarter

Knowledge Gaps

  In my opinion, the scariest movie of 2015 was The Big Short.  This movie (and the book of the same name by Michael Lewis) focused on the collapse of the mortgage-backed securities industry in 2007.   The crux of the movie is that almost nobody in the financial industry had good knowledge about what was going on in the mortgage industry.  Originators had little sense of where the mortgages went after they were written.  Companies who bundled mortgages into securities did not have a clear sense of the quality of the loans that they were packaging.  Banks that created ...

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[Video] The Customer-Funded Business


  Have an idea for a business and planning how you’re going to put together the funds necessary to launch it? Is your first thought to raise funds through Venture Capitalists? If so, John Mullins, best-selling author of The Customer-Funded Business, wants you to think again. Venture Capitalists are NOT the only or best option to raise money for your company. So what’s the option he recommends? As you may have guessed from his book title, it is Customer Funding. How does it work? In the below video John Mullins briefly explains the 5 Ways to Customer-Fund your Business but let me ...

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Focusing on the Wrong Side of the Growth Equation


  Over the past 15 years, I’ve gotten to work with hundreds of mid-market growth firms. The hunt for growth always begins with excitement for what is possible. How can our regional company become global? What winning move will thrust us toward $500M or $1b? You imagine from an inspiring future, dissect the barriers to overcome, generate tens even hundreds of strategic options, and then a handful of the most disruptive ones. All the raw material is there for greatness but then we face the growth equation: Growth = ROI * Investment We assume it costs money to grow. We ...

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Why Your Code of Values is Really the Key to Scale Up

Company Values

Two decades ago, The Dwyer Group journeyed into uncharted territory when our organization set out to define an operationalized Code of Values. And it was serious business. We had suffered the loss of our company’s founder Don Dwyer Sr., and we knew that the Code of Values he had outlined when he started the company in 1981 had played a key role in the growth and success of our organization up until that point. But our original Code of Values had been written in a way that was hard to measure in daily practice. It included statements like: “We believe ...

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