virtual team

[VIDEO] How to optimize your virtual team

Leigh Thompson is an author, professor and researcher in the field of negotiation tactics, dispute resolution and group collaboration. In the video below, Leigh discusses how to optimize your virtual team to get them performing as a cohesive unit, regardless of their actual proximity.


Know Your Values, It’s Something Wonderful

Core values for a company represent their fundamental beliefs; it’s what the company stands for, who they are, how they act. Core values serve as a steadfast barometer, consistently guiding behavior, actions and decisions for the entire team. They help people to know right from wrong, and help companies determine if the path they are on is the right one for them.


Comcast and the True Path of Innovation

If you can recognize the power of being that person, you can more skillfully change the world. If as a leader you can start identifying and activating the people who will work behind the scenes to set up your innovation wins, you will create a groundswell of organic growth.


Sales Excellence: How to be a closer in any vertical

Winning business is not brain surgery, but developing the skills to execute an effective process, be a consultative seller and qualify effectively takes time and a lot of practice. Great salespeople do this. Great sales trainers know how to teach this. Great sales managers know how to coach to this. Nike said it best. Just do it.

bad habit

[VIDEO] Kick your bad habit by outsmarting it

Charles Duhigg is a New York Times journalist and author of two best-selling books on habits and productivity. In the short video below, he uses the example of eating cookies every day, then breaking that habit. But his method can be applied to virtually anything.