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It takes a village of gurus to help companies scale up. We are building that village here.
The Growth Institute Team
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Our Purpose

Growing companies are unsung heroes - they provide jobs and boost the economy. And yet, the resources available to their leadership are scattered and narrowly available. We are changing that. 

By combining the benefits of learning, coaching, and application into a robust learning experience, we give leaders like you the surest pathway to evolve your company and yourself.

But that's not enough.

Our BHAG is to scale impact and reduce drama for 10 million leaders by 2040. 

We support growth for executives and their companies

It's lonely at the top. We're not going to just sit back and let you lead the charge for your company alone. Executive leaders perform best when given the resources that provide training and support.


It takes the alignment of an entire team to build a company

This cannot be expressed enough. Success is an ecosystem of team knowledge.


It takes a 'village of gurus' to grow a company

Everyone is an expert in his or her own way. Specialized employee development equals company development.

Hybrid model

The hybrid model of education is the most powerful

Hybrid models of education provide the skills and knowledge training that you need now in a way that is customizable to your bottom lines.

No amateurs

No time for amateur hour, only the best

Weak links... enough said.

Principles and metrics

Sound principles, metrics for success and limitless ingenuity

Our core beliefs are built upon sound principles, measurable successes and the limitless ingenuity of the learning mind.


Our brand is built through partnerships with top companies and thought leaders

Our brand is strong because of this, and we are growing. Just wait and see who we bring you next!

Meet Our Core Values

We're all lifelong learners here. With these values guiding the way, we can continue to grow and not lose the core of what motivates our people to show up and invest in their growth everyday.

At Growth Institute, consistent learning sets a strong foundation, but the real magic happens when we start to implement.

Driven by growth

Driven by growth and learning

Inspire yourself and your team. Practice what we preach. Above all, learn everyday.

Honor knowledge

Honor knowledge

Create value. Respect content. Give recognition and credit where it is due.

speak your mind

Speak your mind

Build trust through open and honest communication. Share information and ask a lot of questions.

Own the outcome

Own the outcome. Get it done.

No excuses, finish what you start and focus on results. Share the risks and share the wins.

Takes a community

It takes a community

Two is better than one. Do collaborative work. 

Always the first date

It's always the first date

Maintain a memorable reputation

"I seriously believe that you can't be an entrepreneur without a program like this. This is learning on your feet. It's learning as you need it. And it's learning as stuff comes up."

- Shannon Susko, CEO Coach/Advisor, Metronome United

How We Got Here


Daniel Marcos hard at work

Growth Institute came out of a cycle of entrepreneurship.

Since his mid-twenties, Daniel Marcos has gone through the highs and lows of being a serial entrepreneur. He co-founded and sold a few companies - and lost one to the recession.

Eventually, Daniel decided to get his MBA, and then become a business coach for several years. 

From these experiences, Daniel learned a valuable lesson.

No one teaches you how to be a CEO.

He was a capable executive. But he also sought help from a combination of experts, supporting peers, hired coaches, and his own voracious desire for learning. There was really never a central authority on all things business growth.

Together with his partner and mentor, Verne Harnish, Daniel decided to create that authority. That's how they co-founded Growth Institute.

Today, we are proud to provide the most applicable executive training in the market - at a fraction of the cost that you would find it elsewhere. 

Growth Institutes Verne, Daniel, and Salim

See the team at work

Our team is made up of some of the most talented, hard-working, and passionate people in the industry. They span 5 countries and 6 time zones!  But they also have lives. We like to get things done, but not at the expense of open collaboration, transparency, and a fun working environment.

Growth Institute MX Product Team
Growth Institute Team
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Growth Institute Team
Growth Institute
Growth Institute
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