Growth Institute is the premier online training company for mid-market companies around the world. Growth Institute is an ecosystem that supports business growth through the alignment of Thought Leaders, a community of business leaders who are continuous learners and an eLearning platform that provides a safe environment to debate, learn and implement the latest business methodologies.

Growth Institute is shortening the gaps in business education and professional development; Our dream is to help 1 million companies achieve their dreams.

At Growth Institute we believe that it takes a Village of Gurus to build a great business and we are proud to provide this to companies in 50+ countries, in 3 different languages.

How it all started…

Verne Harnish is best known for his three books: Scaling Up, Mastering the Rockefeller Habits, and The Best Business Decisions of All Time.

He is also the founder of Gazelles, a premier coaching company for mid-market companies around the world that want to scale up. Today, he is one of the leaders of the scaling up movement.

He believes there is abundant focus on start ups, but limited focus on scale ups—the companies really growing the economy.

As a result, early in his career he created two organizations critical to the growth of the movement: the Young Entrepreneurs’ Organization (YEO) and the Association of Collegiate Entrepreneurs (ACE). ACE blossomed into an organization with hundreds of schools in its membership, along with tens of thousands of college entrepreneurs. Its annual meetings attracted some of the top young entrepreneurs in the country; Michael Dell at the Dallas meeting, and Steve Jobs at the LA one!

The Birth of GGI…

Introducing Daniel Marcos, Co-founder and CEO of Gazelles Growth Institute. When Daniel was 26, he started his first company based in Mexico. Then he merged his company with another and grew that to 1,200 employees within four years. Daniel and his business partner sought help to run their company.

What they found was Verne! Verne became Daniel’s mentor, over the next five years. The year of 2008 brought hard times, but after a phone call with Verne, everything changed.

Daniel became a coach toward the end of 2008, serving Latin American companies.

In 2011, Daniel and Verne began a conversation about bringing the Gazelles coaching business online. A partnership and new company was born—the founding of the Growth Institute.

As Daniel began building the business, he needed help. The first person he chose to join him was a good friend and CFO of a group of Hispanic radio stations, Juan Gonzalez. Together, they would create Gazelles Growth Institute.

Timeline of the company…

In 2013, content was king. With Verne’s vast network, Daniel and Juan focused on gathering and improving the content from the world’s best thought leaders for mid-market companies.

In 2014, experience became the priority. With over 100 companies already using Growth Institute, it became crucial to improve customer experience and become accredited by AdvancED as an online learning institution.

In 2015, the focus turned to creating world-wide sales and marketing automation, and scaling our processes with an established internal team.

Today, we are continuing our marketing efforts to increase lead generation through cold traffic and new avenues. We are combing and bundling the business education courses that we have into programs that fit our users’ needs. This particular demand created the Scaling Up Club and the Masters in Business Dynamics.

What’s happening at Growth Institute today?

Today, we aspire to be the premiere trainer for mid-market companies seeking to scale their companies around the world. We are expanding globally, with clients in 43 countries around the world and partnerships in Latin America and Japan to localize the content in Spanish and Japanese.

Growth Institute now has 100 (and counting) courses with 68+ thought leaders.

At Gazelles Growth Institute, we are shortening the gaps in business education and professional development. Today, there is a plenty of content for start ups and larger organizations, but the mid-markets companies are having to adapt the start up and enterprise-level content for themselves.

We are changing that. Curating the best content specifically for mid-market companies that want to scale up, we are making it easily accessible online.

What’s next for Growth Institute?

Our goal is to be best training option for mid-market companies by curating the content that is the best for your organization. We are partnering with the world’s best thought leaders and making their resources available in a format you and your team can use and learn from to scale up your business.

Our dream is to help 1M companies achieve their dreams.

In today’s fast-changing business environment, there are few things that remain constant. One of these constants is education and training your team. It is one of the only investments that will guarantee results.

We want to help your company access the training your team needs to learn and implement and scale your business.

“Education is the only investment that guarantees the ROI.” – Verne Harnish

Why choose us









Why we do what we do

It takes the alignment of an entire team to build a company.

This cannot be expressed enough. Success is an ecosystem of team knowledge.

It takes a ``village of gurus`` to grow a company

Everyone is an expert in his or her own way. Specialized employee development equals company development.

The hybrid model of education is the most powerful.

Hybrid models of education provide the skills and knowledge training that you need now in a way that is customizable to your bottom lines.

No time for amateur hour, only the best.

Weak links… enough said.

Sound principles, metrics for success and limitless ingenuity.

Our core beliefs are built upon sound principles, measurable successes and the limitless ingenuity of the learning mind.

Our brand is built through partnerships with top companies and thought leaders.

Our brand is strong because of this, and we are growing. Just wait and see who we bring you next!

We believe it takes a villlage of gurus to help companies scale up. We are building that village here.

The Team

Daniel Marcos
Daniel MarcosCEO at the Growth Institute

Daniel is the co-Founder and CEO of Gazelles Growth Institute, the leading online education company for C-level executives. He is an international keynote speaker having shared the stage with thought leaders like Peter Diamandis, Guy Kawasaki, and Jack Canfield. Daniel serves as the Ambassador of Singularity University, is a member of EO and YPO, and has built successful companies across the USA, Mexico, and Canada. As a serial entrepreneur, Daniel quickly realized that CEOs are often the bottleneck of the company. In the same way that you can’t solve a problem without first elevating your mindset, a business can’t evolve beyond what the CEO can handle. Daniel is on a mission to give executives the support and methodologies that he wishes he had in his entrepreneurial journey—being a good leader, successfully scaling companies, and maintaining a high quality of life. Daniel partnered with Verne Harnish in 2012 to bring executive training to the masses. What was once reserved for a small niche of wealthy companies is now available to all CEOs and their executive teams, effectively democratizing business education and shortening the gaps in professional development.
Verne Harnish
Verne HarnishCo-Founder and Principal at the Growth Institute
Named by FORTUNE Small Business magazine as one of the “Top 10 Minds in Small Business,” entrepreneur, author and FORTUNE magazine columnist Verne Harnish is a highly sought-after management consultant specializing in leadership, strategic planning and business growth. His book, “Mastering the Rockefeller Habits: What You Must Do to Increase the Value of Your Fast-Growth Firm” has been translated into Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Verne is also the founder of EO, the Entrepreneurs Organization (, and the CEO of Gazelles Inc.
Ross Shott
Ross ShottCOO & Integrator
Ross really enjoys challenges, especially those that involve saving jobs and creating a positive impact in the world. So for the last 25 years most of his professional career, post-military service, has been spent turning around struggling businesses and scaling new ventures. His most recent claim to fame was helping build Singularity University from start-up to $50 million. Ross has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Master of Technology in Future Studies, and a Doctor of Psychology(c) in Human Performance and is equally proud of his global leader-board placements playing video games with his sons 😉
Alex Faust
Alex FaustHead of Growth Team - English
Alex has been with the company over 4 years now and has done a little bit of everything at the Growth Institute. Today he specializes in running our English Growth Team and oversees the marketing and sales departments. He is a passionate at-home chef and volunteers with the sustainable food community in Austin. Although he currently resides in Austin, Texas his home is the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia. Alex brings a lot of energy and creative leadership skills to the team so feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn and say hello!
Austin Fox
Austin FoxSenior Business Strategist
Austin works with the English Sales team and brings new leaders to the Growth Institute community. He went to Southwestern University where he majored in Business and played Lacrosse. He has a passion for coaching and being a team player. Austin also loves sports, music, movies, and helping others.
Mario Mendez
Mario MendezSenior Business Strategist
Mario is originally from San Diego and works with the English Growth Team, where he prides himself on building longstanding relationships with leaders around the world.He went to the University of Hawaii. He spent the majority of his years living in Oahu, where he became a certified skydiver and enjoyed the island life. When he is not passionately watching his sports teams, he loves being out in nature with his Golden Retriever, some would also say he is quite the foodie.
Juan Gonzalez
Juan GonzalezCoach and Co-Founder
Juan Gonzalez excels at advising C-level executives on how to improve their discipline around strategy, execution and accountability for enhanced achievement. His robust business experience has led him to support internet-related ventures in both the U.S. and Latin America. Juan is a sought-after speaker at universities and industry-related events, including CA World and SXSW. Serving as the COO and Co-founder of Gazelles Growth Institute Juan and his team offer on demand seminars and master courses from the foremost business thought leaders. All courses are self-paced while the most popular offer live discussion webinars and guided implementation with a certified coach. People hire Juan and Gazelles Growth Institute for the following reasons:
  • To invest in their companies most valuable asset, their people
  • To help teams learn together, grow together and win together
  • To help clients learn new and relevant business methodologies that will allow them to do things differently and thus outlearn their competition
Gazelles Growth Institute clients are typically fast growing companies that operate in a highly competitive environment. In this environment Growth Institutes’ unique business methodologies help clients build best industry practices that can result in differentiation. Clients come from all industries and geographies, and are typically leading or striving to lead within their industries. A representative sample of the more than 2,000 customers Gazelles serves would include:, White Lodging, Maddock Douglas, Catapult Systems, and Build Direct.
Patricio Velarde
Patricio VelardeBusiness Head for LATAM
Patricio began his career in the financial sector at Citibank in Corporate Banking. Later he worked with the CFO of Televisa in the restructuring. Later has the CFO of Universal McCann Latin America he lead the merger with Initiative Media. He has being an entrepreneur in Mexico and California. He recently collaborated in the Mexican Association of Private Capital (AMEXCAP), where he participated in the third edition of the book “Private Capital and Entrepreneurial Capital” and from where he helped to implement important regulatory efforts. He is currently leading the “Growth Institute” team for Mexico and is implementing the “Scaleup U” initiative which aims to encourage midsize companies to scale and become leading companies. He holds an MBA from the Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania.
Karla Soledad
Karla SoledadCustomer Success Specialist
Karla studied communication, and she is passionate about public relations.
She describes herself as a purpose-driven person, so she is committed to contributing to projects with a strong impact potential behind, those ones which change people’s lives on a daily basis.
During her professional experience, she has learned to relate and communicate with different stakeholders, and now she is part of the Customer Success Team in the Growth Institute, learning the value of service, to ensure the best experience for our clients.
Oscar Pérez
Oscar PérezPost Production Supervisor
Bachelor of Design and Visual Communication from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Oscar has specialized in Audiovisual Production , Photography and Multimedia. His design vision was expanded during his stay at the Universidad de Ciencias y Artes de Chiapas where he also worked as a substitute teacher. Within Gazelles Growth Institute, Oscar is responsible for the realization and optimization in a timely manner for graphic and audiovisual content.
Karina Reyes
Karina ReyesProduct Manager
Karina completed both her Bachelor of Arts in Studio art and Bachelor of Arts in English Writing & Rhetoric from St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas. She then went on to enroll in Houston Baptist University’s Master’s in Secondary Curriculum & Instruction program, where she earned her Texas Teacher’s certification for English 9-12. Her role as an editor for a weekly newspaper, and six years of experience as a teacher combine to give her a thorough knowledge of curriculum, course development and best practices in content mastery. Karina also enjoys foreign languages, having studied French in college, grown up with Spanish through her Guatemalan family, and learned Portuguese as a fun addition. Books are treated as friends, and she’s never been known to shy away from new learning opportunities or adventures.
Sabik Juárez
Sabik JuárezAnimation and post production
Sabik graduated in Communication Sciences and Techniques, specializing in Motion graphics and Cinematography, he is passionate about creating characters and stories and is also a movie, music and technology geek. Sabik began his professional career working in online education institutions as a video post-producer, which made him reflect on traditional education schemes considering that all people should have access to information and use it to be better, day after day. Sabik is helping companies grow by being a Production Assistant at the Growth Institute.
Patricio Alcérreca
Patricio AlcérrecaCorporate Controller
Public Accountant from the University of Mayab in Mérida, Yucatán, México. With a Master degree in Strategic Management at the Francisco de Vitoria University in Madrid, Spain. Has worked mainly in the areas of Comptroller , Finance, Accounting and Administration, with over 10 years of experience in financial statement analysis, cash flow, budgeting, evaluation and implementation of controls and procedures in different areas, as well as analysis and restructuring of accounting information of the company.
José Vieira
José VieiraHead of Customer Success
José Vieira comes from Portugal and is passionate about storytelling and serving others. José prefers to be called Zé, has Bachelor in Communication and Multimedia and has been working in Marketing and Digital Marketing for the past 2 years. Zé cares about the fulfillment of people’s potential and believes technology plays a huge role in it, by giving the tools, system, and assistance in what people need to grow. In Gazelles Growth Institute Zé focuses on giving the customer the best experience for a proper development path.
Rowan Stanek
Rowan StanekProduct Owner
Rowan is passionate about the ways technology impacts businesses of all levels, and takes a highly customer-centric approach to solving problems and building better products. He has a bachelor’s degree in business & finance from the University of Technology, Sydney as well as several years of experience in tech startups and consulting in Australia and the United States. When he’s not bent over a laptop working to improve Growth Institute’s Scaling Up Club, he’s fly fishing or eating his way around Austin.
Raúl Brito
Raúl BritoProduction Assistant
Raúl Brito was born and raised in the Mexico City. Audiovisual edition and a morning coffee are what really sets him for success. Raúl studied audio engineering and is now attending an online course for his Marketing title. He specializes in the motion graphics, audio-video, and has done projects and live events in Universities such as Tecnológico de Monterrey and Laureate International Universities. His favorite hobbies are sports and video games, and always keeps an eye on any related technology news!
Mayra Arias
Mayra AriasCEO Assistant
Degree in International Trade, graduated from the Universidad Contemporanea of Querétaro. With experience in customer service and business directors assistant, in the automotive sector and customs agencies. In Gazelles Growth Insitute he has been responsible for seven years of various administrative activities including customer service, accounting, billing, collection, in charge of the blog, assisting the CEO, coordinating Summits and Scaling UP workshops in Mexico, Guatemala and United States.
Rodrigo Tejero
Rodrigo TejeroIT Strategic Associate
Rodrigo has worked with companies of all sizes through the years, providing solutions for fresh and innovative systems. His experience provides a results-oriented and user experience approach, allowing the generation of intelligent and usable intefaces. He studied at the Tecnológico de Monterrey where he graduated as a Computer Systems Engineer. He lives happily in Mexico City with his wife.
Gerardo Gonzalez
Gerardo GonzalezMarketing Coordinator
Gerardo hails from an empty stretch of land somewhere in central Texas. He completed his Bachelor of Arts in History at the University of Texas at Austin. He then went on to enroll in an intensive, year-long digital marketing apprenticeship with Digital Creative Institute.