The amazing team behind Growth Institute

Our growing family of creators working together from around the world. We all work remotely now but we have team members in Portugal, El Salvador, Columbia, Texas, and Mexico!


Daniel Marcos

CEO & Co-Founder


Verne Harnish

Principal & Co-Founder

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Juan Gonzalez

Coach & Co-Founder

team 2020 alex BIZ CASSUALLL!!-1

Alex Faust


team 2020 patricio CASSUALLL!!-1

Patricio Alcérreca

Coach & Co-Founder

team 2020 fernanda torress-1

Fernanda Torres

Head of Growth Team Spanish

rebekah thomas gi team

Rebekah Thomas

VP of Marketing

Ze Smile team 2020-1

Zé Vieira

Director of Product and Customer Success

team 2020 ximena BIZY CASUAALL!!-1

Ximena Collado

Customer Success Specialist

team 2020 oscar BUSINESS CAAAASUALL!-1

Oscar Perez

Head of Product & Production

fernando about team gi-1

Fernando David

Customer Success Specialist


Mario Mendez

Senior Business Strategist

team 2020 austin CLEEAANN!!-1

Austin Fox

Senior Business Strategist

Mayra formal TEAM 2020-1

Mayra Arias

CEO Assistant

team 2020 marco CASUUAALL!

Marco Antonio Garcia

Content Strategist

team 2020 oddie odette-1

Odette Seralde

Brand Designer

about 2020 raul-1

Raul Brito

Post Production

team 2020 sabik CASUALLLL!!-1

Sabik Juarez

Animation & Post Production


Gerardo Gonzalez

Marketing & Content Specialist

Marité Río

Marite Nevado