Sales Effectiveness – How to Win Every RFP You Respond To

Some companies have so many requests coming in that they spend all of their time responding to them.  This is crazy!  Do you respond to every email you receive? Every call you get?  After all, it's a request, not a demand.  So why the frenzy over responding and replying so quickly?  You won't believe some of the reasons! Here are the Top 10 Reasons Why Salespeople Respond to RFP, RFQ and RFIs


Sales Excellence: How to be a closer in any vertical

Winning business is not brain surgery, but developing the skills to execute an effective process, be a consultative seller and qualify effectively takes time and a lot of practice. Great salespeople do this. Great sales trainers know how to teach this. Great sales managers know how to coach to this. Nike said it best. Just do it.

Compensation Plan

How to Change a Crappy Sales Compensation Plan to a Better One

Nearly every company gets to the point where they must realign territories, accounts or roles. While doing that is always challenging, perhaps the biggest issue is how salespeople will respond to the impact this change has on their total compensation. That problem is the biggest reason why it is so important to create an effective compensation plan.

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