Know Your Values, It’s Something Wonderful

Core values for a company represent their fundamental beliefs; it’s what the company stands for, who they are, how they act. Core values serve as a steadfast barometer, consistently guiding behavior, actions and decisions for the entire team. They help people to know right from wrong, and help companies determine if the path they are on is the right one for them.

HR Managers

What I Told 1,800 HR Managers

HR managers have tough jobs to find, recruit and retain great people. And if that wasn’t enough, they are working in a climate where issues of overtime, healthcare coverage, parental leave, and more are topics at the national forefront. It’s not just important to fill a job. It’s important to build a team, foster a good culture, deliver careers with meaning, support work-life balance and do it in ways that are beneficial to everyone. That’s no small task.

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