virtual team

[VIDEO] How to optimize your virtual team

Leigh Thompson is an author, professor and researcher in the field of negotiation tactics, dispute resolution and group collaboration. In the video below, Leigh discusses how to optimize your virtual team to get them performing as a cohesive unit, regardless of their actual proximity.

bad habit

[VIDEO] Kick your bad habit by outsmarting it

Charles Duhigg is a New York Times journalist and author of two best-selling books on habits and productivity. In the short video below, he uses the example of eating cookies every day, then breaking that habit. But his method can be applied to virtually anything.

Being comfortable

[VIDEO] Being comfortable may ruin you

We all enjoy being comfortable. A stable job, a stable home, a stable network of people. But sometimes what makes you comfortable can ruin you. A goldfish grows according to how big or small its fishbowl is. In the same way, your own environment either prohibits or fosters growth. When you let yourself live in the same "fishbowl" for too long, you stop growing. It's simple as that.