The 3 Steps to Value Innovative Opportunities

But here is the problem. ROI is ineffective at assessing the truly innovative, “fourth option” kinds of ideas that will determine if your business leads or follows in the future. It has rung the death knell of countless opportunities whose payoffs require taking small steps toward potentially dramatic possibilities.

Echo Strategy

The Echo Strategy: The Power of Shaping Tomorrow

Think of this as an “echo strategy.” You create a big bang, which forces players to adjust, and the echo that follows brings a new order of things. This is the next level of strategy. Level one: do what your competitors can’t do. Level two: do what they won’t do. Level three: inspire them to change the world. Here are three things need to be in place for an echo strategy to work:


4 Steps to Future-Proof Your Business Model

We had reviewed the company’s situation, the trends that would shape its future, and collectively crystallized a shared strategic vision, a battle-cry, to activate and unify our efforts. The conversations had in place all the elements – the pain and the gain, the challenge and the opportunity – needed to slingshot the conversation into a new trajectory. And then it came.


Scaling Up the Organization (Chart!)

Now you may have 150 (or 1,500) employees and find it infinitely more difficult to know how to divide up into teams and set clear accountabilities. Worse, both customers and employees may seem confused about how to navigate your organization.