The Secret To Negotiating

It’s no secret that negotiating is one of the most difficult things to do at work. How do some people manage to get what they want in every situation? It's all about trading unequally valued elements.


7 Barriers Hindering Your Intrapreneurial Intensity

For years companies have accepted these barriers as reasons large companies cannot innovate. We talk of “innovation antibodies,” and site hierarchy and procedure and rigidity as intractable realities. But new approaches are emerging. Forward-looking companies are finding clever ways around these barriers. You can too. And if you do, you will step into a future of a purpose-driven, agile, innovative organization that activates the intrapreneurial spirit to solve problems that matter.

Scale Up

5 Mistakes That Can Kill Your Scale Up

In the last 20 years of running my own companies and advising others as a coach, I’ve come across the same issues that plague growing businesses and prevent them from successfully scaling up. As entrepreneurs, we make the mistake of letting these issues grow until they’ve crippled our companies.


The Age of the Entrepreneur

To have a successful business model as an entrepreneur, you only need to do three things: 1) Figure out what the market needs. 2) Find a way to do it profitably. 3) Then tell everybody about it.