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Ask The Right Questions At The Right Time: Sales is Situational

During a prospect meeting, it’s not just about asking the right questions. Sometimes, it’s about asking the right questions at the right time during the meeting.  One of our Door Openers accompanied a client’s salesperson on a meeting to evaluate how well the salesperson did eliciting information and securing next steps.


Sales Effectiveness – How to Win Every RFP You Respond To

Some companies have so many requests coming in that they spend all of their time responding to them.  This is crazy!  Do you respond to every email you receive? Every call you get?  After all, it's a request, not a demand.  So why the frenzy over responding and replying so quickly?  You won't believe some of the reasons! Here are the Top 10 Reasons Why Salespeople Respond to RFP, RFQ and RFIs


When Hiring a Seller, Pay Attention to the Minutia

Recently, we were interviewing candidates for a Door Opener® position for our company. There were two excellent candidates we were considering for an assignment. They both had similar skill sets and the same amount of experience, and both interviewed well. They both came to us by referral sources we trusted. How did we choose when everything looked so similar?


Sales Excellence: How to be a closer in any vertical

Winning business is not brain surgery, but developing the skills to execute an effective process, be a consultative seller and qualify effectively takes time and a lot of practice. Great salespeople do this. Great sales trainers know how to teach this. Great sales managers know how to coach to this. Nike said it best. Just do it.

lost the sale

What to do when you lost the sale

Just because you received the news that you didn’t get the sale doesn’t mean there still isn’t an opportunity for you. By taking the right actions, you could change your prospect’s mind this time or set yourself up to win the next time. Here’s how to do it: