Sales Excellence: How to be a closer in any vertical

Winning business is not brain surgery, but developing the skills to execute an effective process, be a consultative seller and qualify effectively takes time and a lot of practice. Great salespeople do this. Great sales trainers know how to teach this. Great sales managers know how to coach to this. Nike said it best. Just do it.

lost the sale

What to do when you lost the sale

Just because you received the news that you didn’t get the sale doesn’t mean there still isn’t an opportunity for you. By taking the right actions, you could change your prospect’s mind this time or set yourself up to win the next time. Here’s how to do it:

right message

The Right Message, for the Right Situation

A sales message designed for one situation will not necessarily work well in another. For example, you may have perfected your 30-second elevator speech (or “30-second commercial,” as it’s often called). This works great if you are actually in an elevator and have someone’s complete attention. But it will get you those glazed looks if you try to work 30 seconds of monologue into a conversation in the buffet line at a networking event.

Compensation Plan

How to Change a Crappy Sales Compensation Plan to a Better One

Nearly every company gets to the point where they must realign territories, accounts or roles. While doing that is always challenging, perhaps the biggest issue is how salespeople will respond to the impact this change has on their total compensation. That problem is the biggest reason why it is so important to create an effective compensation plan.


How to Hire the Right Hunter

To become better at hiring the right hunters you will need to know a few key secrets. A spot on job description focusing on pinpointing sellers who are intuitively great and experienced at initiating relationships as well as asking strategic interview questions are the ticket. A few key questions to ask include: