Centers of Influence

Deepen Your Relationship with Centers of Influence

Networking, whether it is in person, via Linked In or in another manner, can have a lasting effect on future referrals. This is your opportunity to deepen the relationship with Centers of Influence. If done properly and with sincerity, you can have a referral source forever; if done poorly, they may never help you again.

sales cycle

Calculating Your Sales Cycle

Sales take time to close. Whether you’re launching a new business or growing an established one, the ideal time for a closed sale is usually “yesterday.” But we all know that’s not how life works. There is a tremendous benefit, however, in being able to predict how long it actually takes you to close a sale from the moment you interact with a new prospect.

sales training

Top 3 Reasons Why Sales Training Doesn’t Change Your Salespeople

It's a common frustration and often explains why companies try it once and don't go back, or why they use a different company every year. There are three powerful reasons why sales training won't work, and what you can do that will make it work everytime. To explain why it doesn't work, I recorded this 3-minute video to save you from having to read a long article.


4 Things to Do When Your Prospect Chose Someone Else

When you receive a “no” answer, it’s not the time to turn and run. You spent the time cultivating interest. You worked hard developing a relationship of trust. Why give up at the moment when it gets interesting? Be there for your prospect. If you focus on the health and depth of your relationships the money follows.