[VIDEO] Are you pushing customers or inviting them?

One of the key differences is in what a brand chooses to appeal to. Are you pushing customers or inviting them? Some brands appeal to their customers' materialistic ego. But others, the more successful ones, appeal to customers' pathos. As she says, "Seducing people through emotion is far more powerful than pushing product on them."


[VIDEO] Are you detrimentally hooked on technology?

The idea behind getting people hooked to your product is to give your customers enough so it scratches an itch--but then leave enough mystery to leave them wanting more. Repeating this process enough eventually builds enough of a habit for your product, that customers move into the investment phase.

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[Video] 3 Simple Ways to Create a Powerful Brand

"I've gotta give you enough reasons to come back, but never so many new reasons that I erode the original reason." What a powerful statement. This quote presents the paradox of virtually every company. We've got to stay on top of trends and give customers exciting prospects, but maintain consistency simultaneously.