[VIDEO] Is the immune system getting the best of your organization?

Salim has spent many years analyzing and learning about these organizations to pinpoint what exactly these organizations are doing differently. He came up with 10 facets, which he discusses in depth in his book Exponential Organizations. In the video below, he focuses on a crucial consideration when building an exponential organization though: circumventing the inevitable immune system response.


[VIDEO] Lobsters overcome adversity — So can you.

[Video of the Week] How many entrepreneurs in their businesses reach that uncomfortable point and think "something is wrong"? The lobster sees these periods of discomfort as an opportunity to grow--so too must an entrepreneur. When your company hits adversity where its grown past its current infrastructure, the key is to figure out a way to "grow" a new one.

your customers

[VIDEO] Do you REALLY know your customers?

Adele Revella, CEO of Buyer Persona Institute, has years of experience as a sales executive, trainer and entrepreneur. In this his video of the persona of different buyers, Adele breaks down how important it is to understand your buyers not through formulaic surveys and data collection, but through genuine conversation.


[VIDEO] Are you pushing customers or inviting them?

One of the key differences is in what a brand chooses to appeal to. Are you pushing customers or inviting them? Some brands appeal to their customers' materialistic ego. But others, the more successful ones, appeal to customers' pathos. As she says, "Seducing people through emotion is far more powerful than pushing product on them."


[VIDEO] Are you detrimentally hooked on technology?

The idea behind getting people hooked to your product is to give your customers enough so it scratches an itch--but then leave enough mystery to leave them wanting more. Repeating this process enough eventually builds enough of a habit for your product, that customers move into the investment phase.