We all do it. We search articles advising us how to handle situations, we ask friends and family for their opinions, we search horoscopes for a sign. By nature, we seek advice from the world surrounding us.

But the best advice is no advice–it’s the advice that comes from yourself.

Michael Bungay Stanier is the founder of Box of Crayons, a coaching company, and successful author of The Coaching Habit  and Do More Great WorkMichael’s mission includes helping executives coach effectively and more efficiently with minimal time investment.

In this short clip below, Michael discusses how to approach advice and best practices for getting ahead. “Don’t trust anyone’s advice,” is what he starts this clip off with. 

While seemingly harsh, he follows with two pieces of his own advice: 

  1. Act in the role you want to assume: Whatever role you want to be in, behave like you’re already in it. If you want to be manager, then act the part of the manager. You and everyone else around you will actually start believing it.
  2. Ask yourself the critical question “What do I want?” Don’t ask others what you’re looking for, sit down and think deeply about what you need. You don’t want to start working toward a goal only to realize it wasn’t what you wanted.

Catch Michael live at the upcoming May 23-24th ScaleUp Summit in San Antonio, where he’ll delve further into these topics and more from his books!




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