Adele Revella is CEO of Buyer Persona Institute and author of Buyer Personas: How to Gain Insight into Your Customer’s Expectations, Align your Marketing Strategies, and Win More Business (Wiley). Adele’s unique perspective derives from decades of experience as a sales and marketing executive, trainer, researcher and entrepreneur. For more than 25 years Adele have been focused on a single goal: developing marketers who are the trusted source of competitive strategies and rapid revenue growth. Adele first learned to use buyer insights to guide marketing strategies at Regis McKenna, the PR firm that launched Apple and nearly every other tech company that mattered in the 80’s. It wasn’t until the next decade, while leading product management, sales and marketing teams for three B2B companies, that she realized the buyer persona’s power for all marketing decisions. So in 2001, when Pragmatic Marketing® asked her to build its Effective Product Marketing™ seminar, it was only natural that the core methodology would be based on buyer personas. Leading that seminar for the next ten years, she met literally thousands of bright, motivated marketers from every corner of the globe. From this experience, Adele learned that the buyer persona can be a highly effective tool. But it’s not a tool like scissors, something to just pick up and use. The ultimate value comes from very specific insights and skillful application. Having seen so many get it either right or wrong, Adele now know all the snakes and ladders by heart.


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Buyer Personas00:39:50October 24, 2021