Cary Tutelman has over thirty years experience working with family owned and closely held businesses in transition.He guides them through the complicated web of ownership, management, board and family issues that transition brings. Cary specializes in designing, integrating and implementing ownership and management plans.Cary is the co-author of The Balance Point, which offers a new perspective on the responsibilities of ownership and new ways for owners to use boards. He was a co-founder of the Center for Family Business at the University of St.Thomas and serves on the Board of Advisors. He was also a co-founder of The Board School, which provided a practical, in-depth understanding of boards in family and closely held businesses and helped owners use boards in running and transitioning their company.
Cary earned a PhD in Organizational Communication with a minor in Business from the University of Washington in 1980.He was an Adjunct Professor in the MBA program at the University of St. Thomas for 10 years, and has given many international, national and local seminars and presentations to family business, ownership, legal, financial, banking, psychological, entrepreneurial, sales and professional trade groups.

On-Demand Seminars

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The Balance Point01:09:30 (h:m:s)