Matthew Pollard is “The Rapid Growth Guy,” known around the world as a leader in differentiation, niche marketing, and sales systemization. As a highly-introverted teenager, Matthew fell into sales when the company he worked for shut down just days before Christmas, and commission-only sales was the only job he could find. His first day, he received 92 rejections in a row, and knew something had to change. Matthew created, practiced, and perfected his system, and fast became the #1 salesperson at the largest sales and marketing firm in the southern hemisphere – and in charge of training all the sales teams. 

By age 30, he was responsible for five multi-million dollar business success stories across a diverse range of industries. Once scared to sell, today he teaches thousands how to do it, and has so far transformed over 3500 struggling businesses by applying his Rapid Growth System. Called “the real deal” by Forbes, Matthew is an internationally-award-winning sales blogger and the Founder and Executive Director of Small Business Festival ranked among the top five business conferences in the nation by Inc.


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Three Steps to Rapid Growth01:12:58October 24, 2021