Paul Akers is founder and president of FastCap, an international product development with distribution in 40 countries. FastCap based in Bellingham Washington launches approximately 20 new innovative products per year and is regarded as a lean leader among American manufacturers.  The grandchild of Greek immigrants, Paul was born and raised in Southern California where he graduated with honors from Biola University.  He Worked in Pasadena restoring historical homes and taught High school industrial arts. In 2000 Paul discovered Lean manufacturing or Toyota Production System (TPS).  This newfound knowledge helped him and his wife Leanne to take FastCap from a small start up in their garage into the successful product development company it is today. Using Lean, Paul’s company has prospered and expanded even through the economic downturn, having never laid off an employee nor cut one salary, all while continuing to offer the highest level pay for any business in the region. Paul is an energetic speaker whose core passion is helping people discover their full potential in life. His favorite quote is “You can have everything you want in life if you just help others get what they want” His Passion is teaching others how to implement Lean thinking in their own business and personal life.  Paul has worked with the US navy, IDF Israel Defense Forces, major European Banks as well companies and organization all over the world . Paul is a master craftsman, gardener, and designer. He built his home a Greene and Greene style house in Bellingham, Washington, as well as the furniture and guitars


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2 Second LeanOctober 24, 2021