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Daily videos, exclusive weekly interviews, and a community of growth-minded executives.

What is The Edge?

“Quite simply, this is the best content we have found and appreciate the value it has offered our organization.” - Alex Ipiotis, Owner at Island Photography

The Edge is 55k+ micro-courses and implementation tools covering every facet of what it takes to grow yourself, develop a team and scale a business. It is also a 20k-strong global community of growth-minded CEOs, CXO, Owners, Founders, Entrepreneurs, and leaders, just like you, building daily learning habits so they can build their teams and companies on strong foundations.

Watch this short video to learn more (may need to turn on your sound)...

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What are leaders saying about The Edge

"[The Edge] is a cross between Netflix and TED Talks. I think it is one of the best tools available to help me stay sane. The money I spend on [The Edge] each month may be the best investment I make on employee development."

Joel Potter

CEO of Blue Moon Fitness

"One the most fun and inspiring ways to learn about new concepts and approaches. We have already implemented a number of new ideas which has created a newly found enthusiasm in our team. One hundred " thank you's" for making this available to us!"

Cheryl Ipiotis

President at Island Photography

“It changes the team dynamic. It gives us more volume and speed and efficiency.”

Graham Ives

Project Director at ITS

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How does it work (and what do you get)?

“We have the answers, all the answers. It's [your] questions we don't know.” - Verne Harnish, author of Scaling Up

Give yourself the gift of reliable answers and toolkits for any occasion ... answers to even your toughest business growth and leadership questions, from 55+ of the top thought leaders out there!

These are just a few of the experts lined up to help you answer any business growth or leadership question you might have:

LS_Rockefeller Habits
Profit First
Branding Masterclass___ Uncensored
LS_BeUnprofessional_Hilary Corna
LS_Cash Flow is King_Alan Miltz
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Invest in yourself. Push your business skills to the limit with this practical on-demand learning platform.

Membership Includes:
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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not really sure where to start... Are there any recommended courses?

Inside the The Edge, you’ll be able to filter the courses by Competencies or Pathways, so you can quickly jump to what you need the most.

Competencies focus on different categories such as marketing, strategy, sales or hiring. Pathways provide you with a recommended series of courses to take based on the stage of your company growth, the initiatives you’re planning, or the challenges you face.

How does Implementation work?

In the spirit of keeping everything super simple, implementing what you learn is straightforward in The Edge. After watching a video, you can navigate to your Implementation Plan where you’ll find a simple 1- or 2-page worksheet to keep you accountable for committing what you’ve learned. 

I filled out my Implementation Plan worksheet. What now?

Now it’s time to execute! Take your Implementation Plan to your team and decide the first priority to execute. Once you have executed your plan, you can share your results with us! With that done, you have officially completed your first learning suite.

How does The Edge push me to succeed?

To help you make progress in The Edge without feeling overwhelmed, we guide you through a monthly 'Success Path' that encourages communal learning. This Success Path focuses on the giving you the insights you need to grow as an entrepreneur in bite-sized increments.

Above all else, being consistent with your learning is key to your success!

What are Learning Suites?

The Learning Suites are the main focus of The Edge. We broke down on-demand seminars from leading business thought leaders into leaner, easily digestible video sections.

This makes it easy for you to watch the videos, take your action step, and make progress on your growth as an entrepreneur.

How much time should I devote to The Edge?

The Edge email series hits your inbox 2-3 times per week.

As a member of The Edge +, you'll jump on a learning path - with the whole community - to build up your business confidence and ability.

The format is simple. You simply watch the short video lesson and fill out your action step. This helps you get closer to your goal of mastering the business skills inside The Edge.

The short answer: Take as much time as you think you need!