Exponential Organizations

Learn how to dramatically scale your business and your impact.

Is your business built to compete in the 21st century?

New organizations are 10x better, faster, and cheaper than yours.

Business is changing and if you are creating linear solutions for exponential problems, you’re in trouble. It is a challenge that does not discriminate on business age, industry, or region.

What experts are saying about Exponential Organizations

Ray Kurzweil
Ray KurzweilDirector of Engineering at Google

EXPONENTIAL ORGANIZATIONS should be required … for anyone interested in the ways exponential technologies are reinventing best practices in business.

John Hagel
John HagelThe Center for the Edge

EXPONENTIAL ORGANIZATIONS is pivotal in its class. Salim examines the future of organizations and offers his insights on the concept of Exponential Organizations, because he himself embodies the strategy, structure, culture, processes, and systems of this new breed of company.

David Orban
David OrbanCEO of Dotsub

Exponential Organizations is a valuable guide for not only clearly analyzing how a modern organization can have an enormous impact amplified by the right use of technology, but also offers concrete tools for evaluating your own organization and take steps to make it more future-proof by adopting the systems and behaviors the best employ.

In the Exponential Organizations Master Course you will master:

Picture your team leveraging 21st century technology to disrupt and outperform your competition.

Learn how you and your team will adapt to necessary business model transformations.

Develop necessary interfaces to leverage external assets such as employees and the crowd.

Implement processes to increase engagement and production with dashboards, autonomy, experimentation and more.

Want to 10x your business model effectively, efficiently and easily?

Revolutionize your organization with the Hybrid Education Model The Exponential Organizations Master Course, will give you the essential tools to scale your company no matter your size or industry.


Access over 50 videos lessons to scale your company from Salim & Yuri.

  • Learn what it take to scale your company 10x.
  • Understand the 10 characteristics to reach your targeted business model.
  • Overcome the challenges of implementing a new growth model.
  • Start or adapt your existing company to scale exponentially.
  • Learn how an exponential team needs to function.


Participate in 8 intimate conversations with Salim, Yuri, or coach.

  • Participate in live Q&A with the thought leaders.
  • Validate your marketing & sales models.
  • Understand community and how to leverage its impact.
  • Analyze and learn from existing organizations.
  • Understand the executive’s role in the new business model.


Use the tools to adapt your business and see exponential results in real time.

  • Get the step-by-step blueprints Salim uses to grow companies 10x.
  • Access an exclusive community to learn, network, and grow.
  • Engage with peer to peer discussion groups.
  • Salim & Yuri will answer questions about your current or future business model.
  • Use your full reference library to walk you through implementation.

About the Course

Exponential Organizations is a 3-month intensive course that will help you learn and implement the key attributes of a 10x company no matter your size, or industry.
An intimate group of students will work with Co-Author’s Salim Ismail and Yuri van Geest to learn and implement a scalable and exponential organizational structure.
The class will feature 50+ video lessons on how and why building or adapting existing organizations to scale 10x is imperative to 21st century success.
Join live interactive sessions to reveal the versatility of the ExO model within your organization. Engage with an exclusive community to network, learn, and grow.
“It’s a how-to guide that provides direction based upon the experience of these successful exponential companies. This [is for] all C-level team members who have responsibility for growth and change adoption in their organizations – whether they are in large companies or small. If you bury your head in the sand and avoid the lessons to be learned on disruptive change … you do so at your own peril.” Thomas A. Corr, Ontario Centres of Excellence

Course Modules

Session 1:

Introduction to ExO

The 10 attributes of an ExO (SCALE & IDEAS) & Massive Transformative Purpose

Session 2:

Exponential vs. Linear Organizations

The 9 implications of an ExO

Session 3:

Starting an ExO (part 1)

Steps 1-7: Massive Transformative Purpose [MTP] + Break Through Ideas

Session 4:

Starting an ExO (part 2)

Steps 8-12: Validating Marketing & Sales + Building a Platform

Session 5:

ExO for Existing Organizations (part 1)

Step 1: Transform Leadership

Session 6:

ExO for Existing Organizations (part 2)

Step 2: Partner with ExOs

Session 7:

ExO for Existing Organizations (part 3)

Step 3-4: Disrupt[X] + ExO Lite

Session 8:

The Exponential Executive

Closing and Implementation of ExO

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Salim Ismail is passionate about business, entrepreneurship, and technology. He is a technology strategist, software engineer, and successful entrepreneur. He travels extensively sharing a global perspective on the impact of breakthrough technologies and how organizations can leverage these disruptions to grow 10x faster than their peers. His book, Exponential Organizations, quickly reached No. 1 on Amazon’s “Best-Sellers in Business Management” and was named Frost & Sullivan’s “Growth, Innovation, and Leadership Book of the Year.” His captivating, educational, and downright jaw-dropping presentations have been called “mind-blowing” and “the best talk I think I’ve ever heard.”

Exponential Organizations

Salim has spent the last seven years building Singularity University as its founding executive director and current global ambassador. SU is based at NASA Ames, and its goal is to “educate, inspire, and empower a new generation of leaders to apply exponential technologies to address humanity’s grand challenges.” SU has empowered people from more than 85 countries to apply disruptive technologies – biotechnology, artificial intelligence, and neuroscience – to more than 100 startups and countless patents and ideas.

Exponential Organizations

Prior to Singularity, Salim was a vice president at Yahoo, where he build and ran Brickhouse, the company’s internal incubator. His last company, Ångströ, a news aggregation startup, was sold to Google in 2010. He has founded or operated seven early-stage companies including PubSub Concepts, which laid some of the foundation for the real-time web, and the New York Grant Company, a direct response to 9/11. In its first year, the organization attracted over 400 clients and delivered over $12 million of federal grants to the local economy.

Exponential Organizations

EXO Coach

Kent Langley, your Head Coach for this course, is the Head of the Global ExO Movement and a Certified ExO Network Consultant. He is an advisor, chief architect and core team member of the Fastrack Institue (FTI) and it’s ExO Framework the Fastrack. Kent is an Advisor to ExO Works. He has worked on two ExO Sprints in Mexico as a coach for Interprotecíon and Iké Asistencia. Kent has run teams so far for FTI Fastracks in Medellín Colombia on the topics of Financial Inclusion and Mobility. Kent was also a contributor to the original book Exponential Organizations and one of his previous startups was mentioned in the book as an example of a startup as an ExO.


Outside of the ExO world, Kent is faculty in Data Science and Exponential Organizations at Singularity University. He is the creator of a framework called Data Activation. Data Activation is a Data Science centric approach to building ExO’s. Iterations of the framework have been used to embed Data Science and operations in Finance, Agriculture, Retail, Political Social Media Monitoring, Legal Discovery, Marketing Analytics, and Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery.

Kent’s Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP) is to Apply Technology for Humanity.

Kent will be your Head Coach for this class working closely with Salim to make sure you have the best learning experience possible.


Companies already implementing Exponential Organizations

Exponential Organizations
Exponential Organizations
Exponential Organizations
Exponential Organizations
Exponential Organizations

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