Taught by best-selling author, technology entrepreneur and business expert Salim Ismail

“In an age of fundamental disruption, every one of our businesses has to radically change.”

Salim Ismail, Best-Selling Author Exponential Organizations, Tech Entrepreneur

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Are you responsible for growth and change adoption in your organization?

If you are responsible for growth and new direction in your company, whether small/medium sized business, or large, enterprise organization, you need to adapt quickly or be left behind.

Other organizations, known as Exponential Organizations (ExO’s) are adapting by leveraging 21st century technology.

The 21st Century Business Landscape has been disrupted by ‘Exponential Organizations.’ (ExO)

Companies like Slack, AirBnb, Uber, Lyft, and GitHub have reinvented best practices in business. These ExO’s operate and adapt 10x better, faster, and cheaper than their competitors.


Salim Ismail has identified the 10 attributes common to Exponential Organizations.

Companies applying these attributes are seeing rapid growth, including millions of dollars in added revenue in a period of 6 – 9 months.

You can implement these 10 attributes in your company to achieve growth at lightning speed in 2017.

Meet Your Guides to Success

Salim Ismail is passionate about business, entrepreneurship, and technology. He is a technology strategist, software engineer, and successful entrepreneur.

He travels extensively sharing a global perspective on the impact of breakthrough technologies and how organizations can leverage these disruptions to grow 10x faster than their peers. His book, Exponential Organizations, quickly reached No. 1 on Amazon’s “Best-Sellers in Business Management” and was named Frost & Sullivan’s “Growth, Innovation, and Leadership Book of the Year.” His captivating, educational, and downright jaw-dropping presentations have been called “mind-blowing” and “the best talk I think I’ve ever heard.”

Kent Langley, your Head Coach for this course, is the Head of the Global ExO Movement and a Certified ExO Network Consultant.

He is an advisor, chief architect and core team member of the Fastrack Institue (FTI) and it’s ExO Framework the Fastrack. Kent is an Advisor to ExO Works. He has worked on two ExO Sprints in Mexico as a coach for Interprotecíon and Iké Asistencia. Kent has run teams so far for FTI Fastracks in Medellín Colombia on the topics of Financial Inclusion and Mobility. Kent was also a contributor to the original book Exponential Organizations and one of his previous startups was mentioned in the book as an example of a startup as an ExO.

How Do You Scale Organizations in a Digital Age?

How Do You 10x Your Company To Gain a Competitive Advantage Over Your Competition?

Model the technology, systems and behaviors used by Exponential Organizations.


For me, the key takeaway from the course was the importance of the MTP. We discussed it a lot during the course and also afterwards, and we have learned that this is an important method to carry the business forward. It is the way to engage our clients, the staff on demand, the community, the investors, politicians and others.

Claus Amann, Co-Owner SMExO

Inside the Exponential Organizations Master Course you’ll find the essential tools to scale your company no matter your size or industry.

Evaluate your company and build a scalable, adaptable business model in 2017

Apply the new growth model in your organization, regardless of current size, industry or location

Create necessary interfaces to leverage external assets, such as employees and the crowd

Accelerate growth using new technologies to disrupt and outperform your competition

Eliminate the incremental, linear way traditional companies get bigger by leveraging your assets

Continue to learn with unlimited lifetime access to the Exponential Organizations Master Course

Implement the strategies inside the Exponential Organizations Master Course to grow your organization 10x in 2017.

Together with an intimate group of students, you’ll work with Salim Ismail and Kent Langley to learn and implement a scalable and exponential organizational structure.

This online intensive class features 50+ video lessons (about 8 hours), divided into 8 modules.

Introduction to ExO

On Module 1, you will understand why Exponential Organizational strategies are critical to business success in the 21st century, and why you absolutely must adapt in order to thrive.  

Exponential vs. Linear Organizations

Here we’ll dig deep into case studies and explore the internal and external attributes of successful ExO’s. You’ll come out of this module knowing the first steps to making your organization into an ExO, and what potential technological pitfalls to avoid.  

Starting an ExO Steps 1-7

Evaluate key action items to getting organizational “buy in.”  You’ll go through a six step exercise which will help you apply this in your organization at the granular and global level.


Starting an ExO Steps 8-12

You’ll discover a step by step methodology for transforming your Marketing and Sales departments into ExO business units, which are pillars of an ExO’s success.  

ExO for Existing Organizations

Obtaining “Buy In” at the C-Level can be an obstacle. You’ll get action items for bringing the C-team on board. This module explores learning methodologies, diversity issues, and communication strategies.


ExO for Existing Organizations

With detailed case study analyses, you’ll discover why it might be best to create an independent ExO or partner with an organization that is already embracing ExO methodologies. Evaluate which of these two strategies works best for your company, and next step implementation.


ExO for Existing Organizations

For larger organizations, Salim designed a different version of ExO called ExO Lite. In this module, Salim gives you a step by step guide to reaching the ExO Lite level. This strategy allows you to gradually evolve into an ExO over time. 


The Exponential Executive

Salim has developed a toolset to help each position in your organization accept the ExO methodology.   From the CEO to the HR Manager and from Legal to Finance, once implemented the ExO strategy will make your entire organization operate like a nimble, profitable machine.  


Exponential Organizations Master Course

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What Experts are Saying About Exponential Organizations

Ray Kurzweil
Ray KurzweilDirector of Engineering at Google

EXPONENTIAL ORGANIZATIONS should be required … for anyone interested in the ways exponential technologies are reinventing best practices in business.

John Hagel
John HagelThe Center for the Edge

EXPONENTIAL ORGANIZATIONS is pivotal in its class. Salim examines the future of organizations and offers his insights on the concept of Exponential Organizations, because he himself embodies the strategy, structure, culture, processes, and systems of this new breed of company.

David Orban
David OrbanCEO of Dotsub

Exponential Organizations is a valuable guide for not only clearly analyzing how a modern organization can have an enormous impact amplified by the right use of technology, but also offers concrete tools for evaluating your own organization and take steps to make it more future-proof by adopting the systems and behaviors the best employ.

“It’s a how-to guide that provides direction based upon the experience of these successful exponential companies. This [is for] all C-level team members who have responsibility for growth and change adoption in their organizations – whether they are in large companies or small. If you bury your head in the sand and avoid the lessons to be learned on disruptive change … you do so at your own peril.”

Thomas A. Corr, Ontario Centres of Excellence


Exponential Organizations Master Course

Enrollment is limited. Reserve your seat now.

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