Free PR

The cost of ads is skyrocketing. So what’s a company to do? You could blow your budget on ads. You could hire a pricey PR firm. Or there’s a better way. A way to use free media to drive exposure, traffic, and sales.

The CEO/COO Relationship

Every successful CEO has a true partner in their growth. That’s their COO. This content will demystify how to find your second in command to help you scale your company. And if you have one, this will help you really leverage them in their role.

High Impact Boards

Whether you’re assembling your board for the first time or looking to reshape your current board, it can be an intimidating task. In this seminar, Bob shows you that there’s another way for boards to function, incentivizing them to provide critical insight at every board meeting.

Mindfulness at Work

Learn a mindful approach to change, inspiring yourself and your team to reach the next level in performance, creativity, and success. You will learn how your energy and emotions impact the whole organization, and what you can do to become a leader of change


Have you ever wondered why we choose to listen to some messages while completely ignoring others? In this seminar, Steve examines why some people in our society are listened to and why others are ignored.

Give People What They CRAVE

In this course you will learn how more than 65% of Gregg Lederman’s clients have made it onto a “best place to work” list and how they’ve achieved nearly three times the amount of employee engagement than their competitors. This did not happen by chance, it happened by design.