2 Second Lean will flip your world right-side up. It's a practical way to improve your life every day by making a simple 2 second improvement. Join author, business expert, radio show host, and international speaker, Paul A. Akers, as he takes you on a LEAN journey that will transform every aspect your life... from your home to the office.

First of all, what is LEAN?

Everyone enjoys working with a well-run company, whether it is Southwest Airlines or Harley Davidson. People enjoy efficient, effective organizations. The enemy is waste! It exists in all of our lives, everyday, in everything we do. That is what LEAN is, a life without waste.

Let’s let Paul explain it further himself:

“Ten years ago I began my Lean journey. I had never even heard the word before, but what happened was nothing short of astounding. Lean thinking has propelled my business from a small operation in my garage into an international, multi-million dollar enterprise. Welcome to my world of Extreme Lean thinking. Once you have experienced the vast benefits of Lean, you will crave it, want it, and do anything to get it. Lean thinking has made an enormous difference in my life – personally and professionally.”

“This course is not intended for MBAs or those interested in manufacturing theory or flow charts. This course is intended to blast open the door of opportunity for people who want to improve their daily life, be it in their workplace or home. Lean is not as complicated as all the experts and textbooks make it out to be. In fact, as you learn to incorporate a Lean approach to your life, you will see that the more Lean thinking you have in your life, the more you will enjoy life.” ~ Paul A. Akers

Watch this course and be inspired by how easy and fun it can be. No flow charts or graphs – just the real life journey of one company and the astounding results Lean thinking can produce. It will only take you approximately an hour to watch but I guarantee that if you watch 2 Second Lean, it will change your life!

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