Some people seem to fill a room with laughter with ease. Some people bring smiles to people's faces with effortless grace. And some people just have the right timing, always inserting the right joke at the right time.
What if you knew that these are all learnable traits?
In this seminar, Marshall Chiles, author of Your Presentation is a Joke, delves into why humor is important, how it's achievable and gives concretes methodology he's developed over his fourteen years as a stand-up comedian. This seminar provides great insight and practical strategies if you're struggling with engagement and always wish your presentations and interactions had a little more oomph.
In this workshop he addresses:
  • A breakdown of what humor is and the research behind it
  • His three-step method to writing humor into presentations
  • Dos and don'ts of humor writing
  • The types of humor that are most effective
  • How to find appropriate humorous images for any situation
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