Leaders today are made, not born. Whether you’re a leader of one person or one thousand, modern leadership takes many forms. With advanced technologies, you can exert more direct and indirect influence than ever before--anywhere at any time. And everything you do, fail to do, and wish you didn't do is documented forever in the digital universe. In order to succeed, you need to adjust your leadership skills to adapt to today's digitally-open world. In the digital world, the most effective modern leaders all practice similar habits to achieve success & happiness. Embracing these same 5 habits will help you become vastly more productive, reduce stress and drive your company's top line growth.

In this seminar, you will learn:

  • How to use new mobile and social media tools to lead effectively
  • How companies and individuals are achieving new levels of success via digital means
  • The '5 Habits' shared by all effective digital leaders (and how you can incorporate them into your routine)
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