The Great Game of Business has created a whole different approach to running a company. After learning this proven approach to transparency, employee education & engagement; we guarantee you will improve financial results and the lives of the people who drive those results.

The Great Game of Business is a way of running a company that gets everyone focused on helping the business be successful. Employees’ goals and accountability are tied directly to the success of the company. It teaches all employees the Critical Numbers of the company and how they can make a difference – both individually and as part of a team.
The Great Game of Business started a business revolution by introducing the world to open-book management, a new way of running a business that created unprecedented profit and employee engagement.

This course lays out an entirely different way of running a company. It wasn’t dreamed up in an executive think tank or an Ivy League business school or around the conference table by big-time consultants. It was forged on the factory floors of the heartland by ordinary folks hoping to figure out how to save their jobs when their parent company, International Harvester, went down the tubes.

What these workers created was a revolutionary approach to management that has proven itself in every industry around the world for the past thirty years—an approach that is perhaps the last, best hope for reviving the American Dream.

  • what winning means in business,
  • how to track, measure and improve performance and
  • how to share in a self-funding stake in the outcome…to win or lose as a team.

In this course, Jack Stack teaches people about business and give employees the knowledge and tools help them understand:
Jack´s ultimate goal is to create a “business of business people” who think, act and feel like owners.

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