As a world-renowned speaker, author, and executive coach, Erik Qualman (or "Equalman") knows what it takes to be a thriving digital leader in the 21st century. Through extensive research and life experience, he has developed an understanding of the five common practices that true leaders have in common. He calls the method "STAMP": Simple, True, Act, Map, and People. In this course, Erik will guide you through these various habits, explaining how they work and why they're so important. You'll learn how to make a "not to-do list," how to be true to yourself, how to protect your "digital stamp," how to fail more effectively, how to be more flexible in your path, how to "post it forward," and more, all supplemented with colorful anecdotes and examples.

What you will learn

  • How to simplify your work life
  • How to be true to yourself and protect your digital stamp
  • How to take action and fail fast, fail forward, and fail better
  • How to be flexible in your path, but firm in your destination
  • How to shine the light on others
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