Remember the last time you had the feeling of wanton bliss? Well, the best brands in the world can give their customers that same kind of feeling. Strong brands help their customers solve problems, present a positive image to the world, feel empowered, feel accomplished, and feel like the hero in their own personal stories. Think about what happens when you’re feeling like you’re on top of the world and everything is working out the way you hoped it would. No matter which cliché you use to describe it—the feeling of having wind in your sails or the world on a string—that feeling connects deeply with your emotions.
Sol Marketing CEO and Brand Dominatrix Deb Gabor puts you in the mood to create a powerful brand that connects with your most important customers – the ones most highly predictive of your success.
In this seminar you will learn to:
  • Define what is a “brand” and how branding is like sex
  • Learn the foundations of brand strategy
  • Understand the importance of branding for informing business strategies
  • Gain insight into why even B2B and hard-core technology companies need brands
  • Assess the timing for engaging in branding activities
  • Roll up your sleeves and create the foundation for your company or your own personal brand
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