Kaizen: Back to the Basics

80% of Kaizen operations development projects fail in companies. This course will bring Kaizen back to the basics and will show you a Toyota insider perspective on how Kaizen is conducted internally in the company.

Great CEOs and How They Are Made

Great CEOs are able to achieve success in their personal, family, and business lives. They are able to create an inspiring vision for their company, and effectively communicate that vision across their organization. They know themselves, and understand the motives and competencies of those around them. They are accountable, and know how to foster an environment of accountability. They realize the value of building and keeping a great team. They understand the numbers and can see well beyond the horizon. They get results.

Biz Dev Done Right

Are you stumped on figuring out how to grow your business, and helping your employees do the same? Caryn Kopp's Biz Dev Done Right gives you key insights and strategies on accelerating your sales.

The Power of TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic)

Are you allowing workplace drama to take over your organization? Do you spend time and money creating strategic plans and systems only to see them sabotaged by poor communications and drama-filled relationships?. There is a high price for drama in all relationships and especially those at work, where you spend almost half your life.

The Ideal Team Player

An ideal team player embodies three virtues: humility, hunger and people smarts. The power this combination yields drastically accelerates and improves the process of building high-performing teams.

Right Away & All At Once

Brenneman believes that true business success and personal fulfillment are two sides of the same coin. The techniques that will grow your business will also help you achieve a rich, purposeful, and integrated life. In Right Away and All at Once, Brenneman takes what he's learned from turning around or tuning up many businesses - including Continental Airlines and Burger King - and distills it into a simple, clear, five-step roadmap that anyone can follow. His five steps teach you how to prepare a succinct Go Forward plan, build a fortress balance sheet, grow your sales and profits, choose all-star servant leaders, and empower your team.