The Neuroscience of Emotional Resilience

In this Learning Suite, you will learn key neuroscience-based tools to shift a person’s, team’s or an entire company’s mind set with remarkable results. This program will profoundly and positively shift your ability to navigate change, create a new more positive and empowered culture and drive better results.

Rockefeller Habits

Even if you have your game plan figured out, if you aren't executing on all levels within your company, you're not going to get far. In this seminar, you'll learn the tried-and-proven way to get your team executing flawlessly.

Profit First

What if your business could turn a profit from your very next deposit? And what if you could guarantee that profitability every quarter? Discover a simple yet shockingly effective cash management strategy that will help any business become permanently profitable.

The Pumpkin Plan

What does pumpkin farming have to do with running your business? It may seem strange, but in this seminar Mike connects the dots and shows you how to grow your company like the smartest farmers grow their products.


In this seminar, Nir shatters the conventional narrative that the problem is our gadgets. He provides a practical plan for “getting the best of technology, without letting it get the best of us.

The Excellence Dividend

In a world where technology is accelerating change faster than ever before, businesses are challenged to stand out. Organizations that are willing to put people first and commit to excellence in everything they do are most likely to be survivors.

How to Discover the Newest AI Products

Artificial Intelligence products are getting cheaper and more widely available, but it can be difficult to integrate them in your business. In this seminar, Doug shows you how to harness the power of serendipity to drive atypical growth for your company with AI.

The FUSION Formula: Brand + Culture = Results

Forget everything you think you know about workplace culture!  You don't need perks and parties.  You need engaged employees who produce the right results and help you achieve brand leadership. Learn how to infuse your culture with your core brand values and align your people with your unique brand identity.

Worth Doing Wrong

Do your employees feel generally unexcited and uninspired? Or have you tried and failed to build a productive culture by just copying “cool” startups? Arnie is here to set you straight and guide you toward the kind of cultural leadership that will catapult your workforce’s energy and effectiveness.

7 Keys to Building Relationships

People who have a best friend at work are more likely to be happier, healthier and seven times more engaged in their jobs. In this course you'll learn the 7 keys to why having meaningful relationships at work is more important than ever.