In this seminar, Raj Sisodia of Conscious Capitalism and Bob Chapman of Barry-Wehmiller, discuss the importance of rejecting the idea that employees are simply functions, to be moved around, “managed” with carrots and sticks, or discarded at all. Instead, Sisodia and Chapman consider, at the macro and micro level, how businesses and company leaders can implement principals of higher purpose and conscious business throughout the organization.

Raj Sisodia opens with the 60,000-foot view and asks for a reimagining of capitalism and a blueprint for a new system of doing business, one that is grounded in a more evolved ethical consciousness. Sisodia discusses four specific tenets—higher purpose, stakeholder integration, conscious leadership, and conscious culture and management—that build stronger businesses, move capitalism towards its highest potential, and foster a positive environment for the world.

Bob Chapman then shifts our view from 60,000-feet to the factory and office door, by imaging a world where companies commit to people-centric leadership, or what he calls Truly Human Leadership. Chapman explains the leadership crisis we’re experiencing, where leaders are more focused on creating shareholder value rather than their true role: stewarding the lives entrusted to them. Chapman challenges traditional thinking about how to run a business and how to be an effective leader. Viewers will see how the way they lead impacts the way people live.

The seminar provides simple, yet groundbreaking ideas to inspire others to be their best selves, create meaningful work for those they have the privilege to lead, and ultimately drive engagement.

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