Now more than ever leaders need to be able to influence outcomes. Good intentions are rarely assumed, people are on the lookout for manipulative tactics, and even subtle persuasion efforts are suspect. Influence is no longer about doing something to someone to get what you want. Real influence is about forging deep connections quickly, stepping into someone’s world authentically, and striving for consistent win/win outcomes.

In this session you’ll learn potent neuroscience techniques for getting buy-in, agreement and even enduring loyalty from anyone. Results include learning how to increase team member emotional engagement, loyalty, and ownership-focus; close sales faster; and improve your relationship with your children and spouse!
First you’ll explore the subconscious mind, and how each human being experiences the world. Then you’ll learn how to apply these simple and highly effective techniques to achieve specific business and personal life outcomes.
You’ll learn and practice applying:
  • The potent yet easy to learn techniques Bill Gates used to make Windows a world standard, and Bill Clinton  used to balance the American budget
  • How to be instantly compatible with someone and communicate in their “operating system” to powerfully influence,  connect, and build rapid trust
  • The 3 things all human beings crave and how to provide them to deeply motivate others
  • Specific and highly successful applications of these techniques in sales, marketing, talent and board management and recruiting scenarios
The influencing tools you’ll learn in this program have enabled leaders to:
  • Close sales up to 50% faster and increase close rate by 44%+
  • Deliver marketing messages that are up to 301% more effective and increase demand generation by up to  237%
  • Increase team member emotional engagement, loyalty, ownership-focused by 67-100%
  • Increase team member productivity by 35-50%
  • Help their kids get accepted into more colleges and their spouse to be happier with them
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