Have you ever wondered if you’re not just making money but really creating value in the world? Do you struggle to balance your career goals with your greater purpose? In this seminar, Jeff shows you how to leave a real legacy, one that truly impacts your own happiness and that of others. This practical and actionable seminar is designed for business owners who want to achieve exponential growth (and eventually 10X their business) but feel frustrated with the current linear pace of their growth. The seminar Is a step-by-step guide to the tools and techniques used by some of the world’s fastest growing companies including companies the presenter has built himself along with world-renowned companies and executives he has worked with across the globe.

In this seminar, you will learn:

  • The new definition of “success”
  • A simple strategy for focusing daily on achieving your dreams
  • How to combine your financial goals with your broader life goals
  • Why your company and your employees need a legacy too
  • How to use your success in business to impact the legacy of the planet
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