Is your team running at full power? Generally only 10% of leaders can honestly answer, "yes." Geoff and his team have worked with leaders in every major industry, building a body of research covering over 15,000 careers and more than nine million data points, to build this battle-tested framework for operational efficiency. In this seminar, you learn to answer three questions: Do we have the right priorities, Do we have the right who, and do we have the right relationships? This approach will help you figure out if you have the right people, priorities and relationships in place to boost your teams' results and make a greater impact as a leader.

In this seminar, you will learn how to:

  • Assess the quality and order of your company's priorities
  • Gauge how well you've staffed your organization
  • Determine the quality of communication and relationships within your business
  • Combine each of these metrics to rate your company's operational power
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