How to Solve Your #1 Problem, Hiring. Geoff Smart is Chairman & CEO of a management assessment firm for CEOs and investors, which he founded in 1995. Here, Geoff Smart solves every manager’s #1 problem: making hiring mistakes.

The stories and advice he presents draw from some of the most extensive research, interviews and experiences ever assembled on the topic of talent management:

  • Why most managers are terrible at hiring
  • How to generate a source to locate the right candidates
  • What to look for in choosing the right candidate
  • How to sell the ideal candidate on accepting the job at your company
  • Much more..

This course includes a significant amount of audience interaction including live demonstrations of the interview techniques, audience realtime Q&A, and simple “takeaway tools and templates” to help attendees maximize financial performance and their own career success.

For their instant New York Times best seller Who: The A Method for Hiring, Geoff Smart and Randy Street interviewed more than 20 billionaire entrepreneurs exclusively (a record) to collect their best advice and stories on the topic of hiring and hiring mistakes. The largest statistical study ever done on this topic was conducted with the University of Chicago’s Steve Kaplan, which revealed some startling findings about types of candidates who succeed and fail. Simple, practical solutions are presented. The book that this course is based on has been a New York Times Bestseller, Wall Street Journal Bestseller, USA Today Bestseller, and was ranked the #1 bestseller of all books on Amazon.

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