Ryan's counterintuitive methodology is rooted in neuroscience, and uses subtle but simple techniques to get your most enthusiastic customers to identify themselves, tell you exactly what their biggest pain points are, and how best to solve them. You’ll understand the importance of using surveys as part of your marketing, and the right way to survey, as well as what to avoid. This allows you to segment your customers into 'buckets,' market more effectively and provide tailored buying experiences for your different groups.

In this seminar, you will learn:

  • The importance of surveying your customers the right way
  • How to use surveys and quizzes to generate leads and build your email list
  • The “Single Most Important Question” that will open the floodgates to gaining valuable information
  • The three "Survey Killers" you need to avoid
  • The importance of using “Micro-Commitments” to increase response and build trust
  • How to identify the “buckets” in your market which represent Profit Pools
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