This course will provide you with the implementation tools and solutions to achieve business excellence using his One Page Financial Scorecard, Monthly Management Reporting Process and Banking Excellence techniques including:

  • The 4 chapters of financial excellence (profitability, working capital, other capital, cash flow and funding). How is your business performing in relation to the four chapters? What does every number mean, how you can improve them, how do your non-financial staff impact the numbers' performance?
  • The big 3 cash measures to be implemented in your business.
  • Color coding your financial performance.
  • How to fix your business using the Power of One. How many 1% or 1 day changes does your business need to make to achieve its financial goals?
  • How to create a culture of financial and business excellence ensuring your non-financial managers understand your business.
  • How to ensure your organization understands the way the banks view your performance and how to build a true partner with your bank through improved communication.


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