The decisions your company makes about pricing can have a dramatic impact on its earnings. Yet many firms fail to set the right prices. They fall prey to adversarial buyers who see virtually every product and service as a commodity and are shopping solely for the lowest price.

It’s essential to turn the tables in your favor to survive in today’s marketplace—and Robert F. Sherlock, president of the consultancy Marketwerks and author of Daring Caution: The Executive’s Guide to Pricing Improvement, has the knowledge to show you how to do it. Sherlock is a strategic marketer who helps companies create more value, get customers to recognize this and get paid appropriately. He earned his MBA from Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business.

This course will help you:

  • Define your pricing goals and strategy
  • Improve how your company makes pricing decisions
  • Raise prices without driving down your sales volume
  • Increase buyers’ willingness to pay

The key to building an attractive price structure is making sure your customers understand that you provide value that transcends delivering the lowest prices, says Sherlock. In this course, he’ll give you a roadmap for doing just that—so you can free money to invest in your company and its people, protect your firm against the unexpected and improve your bottom line.

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