It’s an extraordinary time to be alive—and to run an entrepreneurial company. Never before have small and midsize companies had the ability to touch the lives of billions of people so quickly, thanks to fast-changing technology that multiplies the impact of what we do exponentially.

Abundance author Peter H. Diamandis, MD, a trained astronaut, is co-founder of Singularity University with visionary entrepreneur Ray Kurzweil. This program teaches the world’s top entrepreneurs how to leverage the power of exponential technologies. Dr. Diamandis is also the chairman and CEO of the X PRIZE Foundation, a non-profit that designs and launches large incentive prizes to drive radical breakthroughs to benefit humanity. In addition, he is a leader in the commercial space field, as co-founder and managing director of Space Adventures, which has enabled private citizens to go to the International Space Station.

In this course you’ll learn

  • How to tap into today’s unprecedented rate of wealth creation
  • The mindset to embrace to take your business to a giant scale
  • The technologies that will help you grow a business with global impact
  • How crowdsourcing can help you to tap into the best thinking in the world

In our more global, tech-enabled world, disruptive stress has created an environment where once dominant companies like Kodak are falling by the wayside and savvy startups like Instagram are rising to dominance rapidly. This course will help you make the most of this new world and achieve growth you might never have imagined.

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