This program will show you how to generate dynamite and immediate results to your bottom-line profits by lowering costs and increasing top line and profitability. The program clearly shows why everyone in a company should care about profitability and how to get that message across to your entire company.

The seminar is driven by a case study, which demonstrates how one company educated, created buy-in, challenged, measured, monitored, established rewards, and celebrated historic victories. This quarterly rock was a game-changer that resulted in the company’s first double-digit bottom-line profits and highest revenue ever. As a result, the company has embraced a Culture of Profitability.
The case study will provide you with a blueprint on how to achieve this with your company.

Participants will also learn:

  •  How to make expense management a profit center
  • The power of small changes
  • How to identify your Value Drivers
  • What is the leading indicator of profitability
  • The single most important measurement of whether you made or lost money
  • The importance of untangling profit centers
  • Best practices for managing cash flow and receivables

When you control your money, you control your future! This is a must program to immediately share with your leadership team. Go forward and prosper!

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