In this course, Chris Haroun, full-time professor at Udemy, teaches you the practical know-hows and strategies to valuation. If you're looking into modeling and valuing a company in the future, this course will lead you through the most efficient methodologies in a concise, easy-to-follow manner!

In this course you will learn:
• An introduction to valuation with current best practices
• A compendium of 25 lessons in valuation Haroun learned through his many years of experience
• How to value companies through Discounted Cash Flow methodology
• How to value companies through Price to Revenue methodology
• How to value companies through Price to Earnings methodology
• How to create blended average valuation price targets
• Bonus methodologies!

This course is a follow-up to Chris Haroun's other On-demand Seminar, "Hands-On Finance." This course goes beyond and delves deeper into the valuation and practical methods modeling and valuing a company.
You'll also be led through real-life practices and a case study to learn how to implement these methodologies first-hand, as well as taught how to select the appropriate methodology according to your audience.
You'll walk away feeling ready to take on modeling and valuation yourself!

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