Whether you’re assembling your board for the first time or looking to reshape your current board, it can be an intimidating task. Many boards end up serving as little more than general overseers, absorbing information via lengthy Powerpoints and giving their approval to the executive team without adding much strategic value. In this seminar, Bob shows you that there’s another way for boards to function, incentivizing them to provide critical insight at every board meeting. Whatever your company structure or culture might be, Bob has a plan that can apply to you.

In this seminar, you will learn:

  • The critical difference between the traditional model and high impact boards
  • How to build or rebuild a board with a focus on foresight, strategy and outcomes
  • How to maximize the value of every board meeting
  • Why active input from board members should replace executives doing all the talking
  • How to establish evaluation protocols that keep your board accountable
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