Looking to put your company on the fast track? Then there’s no better teacher than legendary entrepreneur Gary Hoover,co-founder of Hoover’s, the business data information company, and Bookstop, an early superstore for books that got acquired by Barnes Noble.

A lifelong student of the world’s greatest business people, Hoover – the first entrepreneur-in-residence at the prestigious McCombs School of Business at University of Texas at Austin – has found that it’s not a relentless emphasis on sales and profits that drives success.

As you’ll learn from Hoover, a laser focus on what customers want helped Sam Walton make the daily decisions that put Walmart on the map. And this passion for serving has helped countless other famous companies – from Southwest Airlines to Whole Foods – make a unique mark and outdistance their competitors.

In this practical seminar, you’ll come away with important lessons that you can start implementing today. You’ll learn how to :

  • Keep the customer front and center
  • Create a crystal clear, focused vision that guides your team
  • Encourage innovation in every aspect of your business
  • Make effective changes in your company
  • Invigorate your business with global thinking

Many business owners fail to achieve their goals because they’re focused on the wrong things in their businesses. Gary Hoover’s advice can help you avoid their mistakes and achieve

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