When the world’s best-known companies want to grow in tough times, they know who will get the job done: Greg Brenneman.

He’s got an unparalleled track record as a leader, having served as CEO of Quiznos, Burger King and PwC, and president of Continental Airlines. Today, he coaches senior management at firms in the portfolio of CCMP Capital, the global private equity firm where he is chairman.

It might be hard to imagine getting advice on achieving your business goals from someone in such hot demand. Now you can. In “Managing in an Uncertain Economy” this Harvard MBA will help you to learn from his unmatched experience in the business world.

Quit laying awake nights wondering if you should order more inventory or hire a new employee and register now. In this vital webcast, you’ll learn how to navigate the choppy waters of the economy so you can keep your firm growing.

Here’s what you’ll learn from this star CEO:

  • The type of plan you need to accelerate business growth now
  • How to uncover hidden growth areas at your company
  • The secret to turning your balance sheet into a fortress
  • The best way to heighten the performance of everyone on your team
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