What is your initial reaction when you hear the word ‘marketing’?  Although many might cringe, in this seminar Joe Polish and Dean Graziosi remind us that marketing is the breath that sustains your business and deserves your time and attention.  They present marketing as the act of storytelling and take us through the process of not only telling a better story, but replicating it and turning it into an automated process. In this seminar, you will learn how to:

  • Focus on how the client feels so that they will want your product, not just need it
  • Make clients believe that you understand their needs
  • Establish trust and rapport in order to remove the fear that prevents a client from committing to your product
  • Figure out the big question or problem that your client is facing and center your marketing around the solution to that issue
  • Use various forms of sales letters such as free recorded messages or consumer awareness guides to propose solutions to the clients’ problems.
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