Roy H. Williams and Michael R. Drew discovered that there are two 40 year generational patterns. What people value shifts every 40 years, even how we define success changes. Just like a Pendulum (hence the name of the book & the program). The energies of a duality drive the Pendulum of public opinion. On one side is “Me,” the individual—unique, special, and possessing unlimited potential. On the other side is “We”—the group, the team, the tribe, the collective.

 “Me” and “We” are the equal-but-opposite attractions that pull society’s Pendulum one way, then the other. Think of the Pendulum as the forty-year heartbeat of society, systolic and diastolic. Contract and the Pendulum swings upward, relax and the Pendulum swings down again. 

 Although society gets legalistic and judgmental during a “We,” we do accomplish a lot of good things, such as raising the flag over Iwo Jima. Then, we let our hair down in a “Me” and become quite a mess because of it, but this gives us a particular joy – for example, Jimmy Buffett’s “Margaritaville.”

 “We” and “Me”—it’s hard to choose between them, but then again the hardest choices in life are always between 2 good things. When you understand the swing of the Pendulum you will:

  • See things you never noticed.
  • Discover glistening new opportunities.
  • Find support for what you've long suspected.
  • Understand mysteries that have eluded you.
  • Write speeches that move your audience.
  • Craft ads that connect with your costumers.
  • Conduct publicity events that get attention.
  • Move toward the future with confidence.
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