What if your business could turn a profit from your very next deposit? And what if you could guarantee that profitability every quarter? The traditional GAAP accounting method (Sales – Expenses = Profit) is contrary to human behavior and traps entrepreneurs in a vicious cycle of operating check-to-check. In this seminar, Mike reveals a simple yet shockingly effective cash management strategy that will help any business become permanently profitable.

In this seminar, you will learn:

  • Why bank balance accounting will work to your advantage by using the concept of “small plates”
  • The necessity to do things in a specific order to ensure your business' fiscal health
  • How to remove the “temptation” for businesses to steal from themselves through “reinvesting” and “plowing back” profit
  • How to implement the 10/25 cash flow rule to normalize cash flow and monitor anomalies easily and quickly
  • An action plan to become permanently profitable from your next deposit forward
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