Do financial reporting and analysis make your head spin? Working alongside Verne Harnish, Crabtree helped develop the cash section in the well-known Scaling Up book. What you need is a simplified, streamlined process for evaluating your business' financial strengths and weaknesses. In this seminar, Greg provides you with exactly that: easy-to-understand accounting strategies, so you can keep your company on track and cash-flow positive.

It’s time to understand and ensure profitability, and strengthen the Wealth Building Capacity of your business. You'll get answers to questions such as when should you re-invest in the business, when should you take cash out of the business and diversify, and what is a good price to sell at if you're at that point. Greg expands on his financial insights and teaches you a proven framework around the 8 decision questions every entrepreneur needs to consider to build a business.

In this seminar, you will learn:

  • The tools for running a "ready to sell" business
  • How to make your P&L and balance sheet "speak truth" with no distortions
  • How to make cash flow a high priority and stay focused on continually generating more cash as the business scales
  • Why labor productivity is the number one key to profitability
  • How to systematically and strategically reinvest cash to promote growth
  • The importance of timely and accurate forecasting and reporting of data
  • How to keep profitability running at 3x industry value
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