“You can get by with decent people, decent strategy, decent execution…

But not a day without CASH!

You run out of cash… Game over!” - Verne Harnish


Greg Crabtree, author of the popular book, Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits! is here to help.

It’s time to rid yourself of the stress and anxiety that goes with making payroll and learn to master the cash component of your business.


Working alongside Verne Harnish, Crabtree helped develop the cash section in the well-known Scaling Up book. In this course, he expands on his financial insights and teaches you a proven framework around the 8 decision questions every entrepreneur needs to consider to build a business:


1) Is the business operated and structured as if it were being sold tomorrow to maximize market value?

2) Is profitability running at 3x industry value?

3) Is cash flow a high priority, and are you focused on continually improving and generating more cash as the business scales?

4) Are you receiving timely and accurate reporting of key data on daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis?

5) Do you know profitability, gross margin, and revenue by customer, project, location, line of business, team and/or employee where applicable?

6) Do individual line items on the P&L and Balance Sheet have people specifically accountable for each?

7) Do you have a rolling forecast looking forward 12 to 18 months updated at least monthly?

8) Do you have 3x to 10x the cash reserves compared to your competitors?


Based on his upcoming book Scaling Up Cash, this seminar will teach you the ins and outs of developing a strong framework to scale up your cash.


It’s time to understand and ensure profitability, and strengthen the Wealth Building Capacity of your business. You'll get answers to questions such as when should you re-invest in the business, when should you take cash out of the business and diversify, and what is a good price to sell at if you're at that point.

You'll walk out of this seminar having a more concrete roadmap to scaling up your cash in your business and a have a clear state of mind!

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