We know that per capita innovation and productivity explode when a city grows in size, but when companies grow, productivity and innovation per employee go down. What’s the difference? Biomimicry (the art and science of innovation inspired by nature) can help us figure it out, because nature’s teams scale even better than cities do. Ant colonies and honeybee hives survived and thrived for millions of years––what can they teach us about working together at scale? They show us how to grow organizations where innovation, agility, and engagement flourish. They dispense with the bureaucracy and control that crushes today’s workplaces.  In this seminar, Tamsin shares her in-depth analysis of these “superorganisms” in a way that translates to the corporate world, inspiring you to reshape the way your organization creates and executes ideas.

In this seminar, you will learn:

  • How to cultivate diversity and experimentation in your culture
  • Why the “bottom-up” dynamic is more effective than “top-down”
  • The motivational impact of orienting your workforce around shared purpose
  • Why you should encourage autonomy and initiative in your employees
  • How to nurture a culture of mutual accountability
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