Get Started Scaling-Up Your Business

In this 2.5 hour seminar, Verne Harnish dives into what you must do to increase the value of your growing business.
 For companies that have been growing linearly for many years, Verne discusses how to find a core purpose to enable teams to start growing and scaling aggressively.

This session provides insights to:

  • Key activities for Executive teams.
  • How to reduce the time of management and increase market facing activities.
  • Company-wide alignment.
  • Functional accountability to insure the right people are in the right positions doing the right things.
  • Scaling up Execution Habits Checklist.

All of the tips, tools, secrets, and magic of growth are at your fingertips. Simple, clear, easy to both carry out and keep up. Thousands of business owners have benefited directly from the simple and practical “tools” outlined in this Introduction seminar.

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