Cameron was once approached after presenting at a conference by someone who said, “Oh my God, you’re Cameron! I thought it was a saying! Everybody’s been saying, ‘I need a Cameron.’ I didn’t know Cameron was a person!” Cameron laughed and informed him it was his guess that people meant, “Every CEO needs a great COO.”

Every successful Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has a true partner in their growth: their Chief Operating Officer (COO). Cameron will demystify how to find an ideal second-in-command to help you scale your company. If you already have one, this will help you really leverage them in their role.

In this seminar, you will learn:

  • The different types of COOs
  • How to find a COO
  • How to interview and hire the right COO
  • How to build a relationship and trust with your COO
  • How to truly leverage your second-in-command
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