Bob Bloom has discovered that every enterprise has at least one strategic asset—one existing strength—that can form the foundation for future growth. He calls this an Inside Advantage. This strength usually lies unrecognized in an activity the business is currently performing or in a concept or an idea that the business already owns. Finding this hidden potential and becoming well known for it will grow the business.

This seminar will help you to tap your Inside Advantage and grow your business exponentially.

It will help you:

  • Define the exact characteristics of your key customers
  • Identify the wants, needs and aspirations of these ideal prospects
  • Pinpoint your firm’s “Uncommon Offering” – a key selling point that makes you uniquely suited to solve your target customers’ key challenges.
  • Create a marketing message that will help you emphasize your Uncommon Offering and attract and retain your ideal customers.

This strategy reflects Bob Bloom’s 45 years of experience in growing businesses and brands of every size and type, including famous companies such as Southwest Airlines, T-Mobile, T.G.I. Friday’s, Zales, Nestlé, and L’Oréal.

As US Chairman and CEO of Publicis Worldwide, the centerpiece of the $4.6 billion global marketing services company, Bloom helped some of the world’s largest companies and brands craft and execute their growth strategies. At Publicis, he managed more than 1,000 employees and clients including BMW, L’Oreal, Nestle’, TGI Friday’s, Whirlpool, Zales Jewelers, and T-Mobile.

He directed the launch of numerous brands that have become household names such as Southwest Airlines, Nestle’ Juicy-Juice, T-Mobile US, Novartis’ Theraflu and Triaminic.

Start using Bob Bloom’s Growth Discovery Process to craft your own growth strategy today.

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